Who is your god

Something I have been thinking about is religion in Stonehearth. Yes there is the religion made by the makers of the game but I feel like most people would make their own religion with their own customs, rituals and etc. I would love to hear other stonehearthian religions out their with information like :
• religion name
• highest rank in religion
• god or gods
• how your god made the world?
• how the world works? ( hamster ball in the centre of the world spinning it)
• how much influence your religion carries
• any bad gods or demons
• what happens when you die (heaven, reincarnation)
•how old is your religion( dawn of time)
• festivals and rituals
• other religious questions

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I consider Raya’s Children to be a very religious group. So, here is what I project with my many Stonehearth role-plays with my friends:

  • Religion Name: Order of the Children of Raya

  • Rankings:

  • High Priest(ess)

  • Priest(ess) of Sola

  • Priest(ess) of Luna

  • Priest(ess)

  • First Ascendant

  • Ascendant

  • God(s):

  • Raya

  • Sola

  • Luna

  • Lore:

  • The Age of Raya: Raya summoned Sola and Luna from her mind. Sola and Luna created the Great Hearth out of their own energies. They sacrificed themselves to bring Raya’s Great Dream into reality. Raya reincarnated them.
    The three spirits create things to occupy the Hearth. Raya creates Hearthlings and animals. Sola creates trees and plants to help supplement the growth of the Hearthlings. Luna creates stone and ores, also to supplement the Hearthlings. At the end of the Age, Raya sleeps in the crystal core of the Hearth.

  • The Age of Strife: Luna grows resentful of Raya, believing that the Hearthlings only grew to be great because of the contributions of stone and ore, trees and plants. Luna creates beings that she can control out of the rocks in the world. These she dubs her Golems. Luna attempts to convince Sola to join her, and overthrow Raya, and that they would dictate the world together. Sola saw through Luna’s lies, knowing that Luna wanted complete power, and would not share. Sola argued that they already did control the world, since Raya was dormant.
    Ignoring Sola’s pleas, Luna attacked the Hearthlings with the Golems. Sola steps in, creating Ents to defend the Hearthlings. The war between Golems and Ents rages for the rest of the Age, until the Hearthlings step in, with their weapons made from wood and stone. The great achievement of the Hearthlings rouses Raya.

  • The Age of the Hearthlings: Raya, awakened by the Hearthlings, scolds Sola and Luna for dividing the Hearth. Raya creates two separate places for Sola and Luna, the Sun and Moon. Raya goes back to sleep, confident that the Sun and Moon will contain her daughters’ rage.
    This is the current Age.

  • Festivals:

  • Sun Day: The Hearthlings celebrate the contributions to the Hearth from Sola. This is on the longest day of the year.

  • Moon Night: The Hearthlings celebrate the contributions to the Hearth from Luna. This is on the longest night of the year.

  • Embarkation Day: This is a Festival that happens once a year, when Raya reincarnates any Hearthlings that died that year.

  • Departion Day: This is a Festival that happens once a year, to celebrate the passing of Hearthlings, and to pray to Raya that they will be returned.

  • When a Hearthling dies, it lingers upon the Hearth as a spirit until the next Departion Day. It is Reincarnated on the next Embarkation Day, but only if it was Departed on Departion Day. It is considered terrible misfortune to pass the day after Departion, as it will take much longer to be reincarnated.

  • The Order of the Children of Raya have been around since the Age Strife, when the Hearthlings first became aware of the Higher Spirits.

That is my religion for Raya’s Children. I’ll probably do another post for the religion of the Ascendancy, and another for the Northern Alliance. Thanks for reading!


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what do you mean by this?
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While Matthias did a great job there, I tend to disagree about one thing. I don’t see RC as being very religious, I see them being very spiritual. Big difference. A buttoned up religious sort of experience seems more of an Ascendency type of thing. Granted that’s the beauty of it at this point. We don’t have a lot of lore backstory on the founders of the factions or any religious structure. This may all change if/when the developers decide to flesh out world lore, or maybe they just tease enough of it to give a foundation and leave it up to each player to decide.

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The whole point of why I made this was because since we have no official lore I wanted to hear if anyone had made their own ones up and where willing to tell about it

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Yup, I got that. I said he did a great job there, was just sharing my thoughts about the whole religion bit. Sorry, this thread just reminded me of Who or What is Rayya?