Maxim's Spell Book of Creations


I do say, my good wizard, what was even going through your head during that last one!?


Good eh…Wizard Sandwitch?

Yes, I am not quite sure what was going through my head, you know when you start taking Selfies, you really get into it! It is like an obsession, not sure what sort of sorcery this is…but I suggest to stay away from it!

-Wizard Max-


Wizard it is, indeed. (Geomancer, to be exact.) If the name confuses you, blame the village of Wúzhī and their anti-magic user beliefs.


Very well Wizard SandWitch!

Those sort of villagers can be stubborn!
Everyone knows that Magic is important in everyday life of creation!

-Wizard Max-


Just want to throw in my two orbs…it would seem these “villagers” are products of a mass ignorance concerning magic. It is known that uncertainty breeds fear, and fear breeds irrational hate. I have some solutions, of course. But none of them are easy, and they will require some Magic to make them come to effect.


Good Wizard TurtleSquish.

We can always turn the matter around by perhaps showing up at the right time?
Let us say their crops are not doing well? Or they are being attacked by Goblins?
Then here comes a trusty Wizard!

-Wizard Max-


I believe you have mis-titled me. I am an Arch-Scribe.

I did not think of that solution, it is an easier undertaking with better results. See that is why having a community of wizards is better then staying isolated.


Good Arch-Scribe TurtleSquish!

I am terribly sorry to mis-title you, some times I can see quite well.

But on the other matter, I am rather interested to know if you are still active in your penmanship?

-Wizard Max-


Very, although I have become disheartened by the lack of response from the multitudes. Therefore I have not posted an writings in a while. I also am in the process of writing a book…a very very complicated book. I may share bits and pieces of it with other friendly wizards, but for the sake of later publishing I will be keeping most of it secret.


Good Friend TurtleSquish,

I understand how you feel, I for one had the same problem, but decided to start again on my creations.
As for your book, I can’t wait to hear more about it! I have been writing some as well! I strongly suggest to use this new Magic tool called “Amazon Self Publishing” There are no expenses on publishing for Kindle, I say that is a good area to start in! As for the physical publishing, I would say it is a bit hard. They are very selective. Best you let everyone on Kindle know that you have a book, so you can show it to the publishers as to how far your book has gone.

Best of luck!

Try riposting some stuff, people will read it I am sure. Just look at my post, people are still reading it, though I don’t think they are replying as much. Anyway, people will at least give you likes, and your post will grow based on that!


-Wizard Max-


Good wizard Maximus, I thank you for the suggestions. However I often notice that most villagers prefer quibicle creations rather then short stories.

About the amazon publisher, I probably will do that further down the line. However I am only in the very beginning of the book and I have a while until I worry about that.

For your convenience I am [linking the only part of my book I have shared on the discourse so far.][1]
-Archscribe Turtlesquish
[1]: The Butchered Lord -A Short Story by Turtlesquish


oh man, i almost want to re-title you to archscribe now…


Salutations all Wizards!

It has been a long time since I have done anything.

So when I heard that Halloween was near! I just had to do some sort of experiment on such a mischievous night!

lightning crashed,
winds would roar,
branches thrashed
and leaves would soar.

Then it came, the noise of WHO!
golden eyes, stare right at YOU.
Come and treat, or do a trick.
But to be seen? never more!

So tread with caution!
Or don’t I say!
Bring your friends!
Or run away!
But everyone is welcome, to the house of Moar!



Feel free to upload your own Halloween art!

        __,  ,____)           __,  ,____)
       (--|  |               (--|  |
          |__| _, _  _          |__| _ || _       _  _ ,_
         _|  |(_||_)|_)(_|     _|  |(_|||(_)(_|_)(/_(/_| |
        (        |  |  ,_|    (                          |_,

-Wizard Max



Wow. Welcome back! And nice mansion!


Thank you!

Magic does keep one busy! I do hope I can be more active.

-Wizard Max


Hey, guys, I am back for a bit, I know that it has been a while since I have done anything here. Life keeps one busy. Though I am still doing “Magic” (art) Once in a while, I have most of all moved on. However, I hear that this game is getting close to reals, and that a lot of people are not liking it. Whatever the case is, I do think that radiant deserves a bit more respect. I know that someone bought them out, but I would like to thank the original developers, for sticking with it, for 7 years. Good job guys, I knew that in most cases you would not be able to implement all the stuff. However, I backed this for the fact that how creative it was to use Voxels. Best of luck guys, and I hope that the modding community can pick up where you left off.

PS (sorry to resurrect my post again, like a bad necromancer, I am actually making a voxel build for this post, I just wanted to say that stuff here)

Thanks again guys,

-Wizard Max-