Looking for ideas for my northern alliance castle

Tried searching for inspiration but hit a creative block. Was wondering if anyone on here had a few images or ideas they could share with me.

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Honestly, whenever I build something I tend to look up real-life images or art of what I’m trying to build, and then try to recreate that a bit. In your case, if you want to create a northen alliance castle, look for images of castles in snowy areas. Like this one

Google is your best friend


In what kind of theme?


I know it is not a castle but these churches fit so well with the NA Stave church - Wikipedia

some of Kyth’s stuff is very inspiring even though it is not NA themed


what i like to do is imagine or look up a race. and then come up with a way on how they live, what do their building look like. And then come up with over the top ideas, like Dwarves that live above the ground and like to build high buildings that reach the clouds. But still keeping the dwarf feeling in there with there bulky buildings and love for Stone!

hope it helps!

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