Konistrápolis Market Town (pushing the limits...) (4th and last part added)

Having heard of the fame of the Rayya’s Children as merchants and of their fabulous caravans Basileos Alexandros Komenos, Emperor of the Southern Cidian Empire of the Ascendancy, decided to found a market city in the fringe of their desert. This city had to attract Rayya’s Children merchants and impress them so that they would want to trade with the Empire. It also had to be a safe haven for his subjects against the dangers of the desert.
The task was entrusted to his Nephew Alejo Komenos who immediately gathered a group of faithful assistants and set sail to the chosen enclave. The new city was going to be named Konistrápolis.

Upon arrival to the founding site Alejo Komenos decided to first construct a walled precinct and basic shelter for the citizens. These original lodgings evolved into the lower city with three different quarters, Farmer’s, Green and Market square. The city was then expanded to add first the Artisans’ quarter and then the Upper City with the Agios Cidi Basilika and other amenities that would bring its citizens the conforts of their distant homeland.
A safe harbour was also built to ensure a good comunication with the Empire. Merchants from the Rayya’s Childrens had already started to arrive, Out of curiosity at first, but their arrival was more constant now.

The flow of goods and wealth soon attracted other visitors. Goblins, Undead and the Orc Horde came to Konistrápolis. Fortunately the defenses erected around the city and the strong garrison manning them proved too much for these foes.

The city was completed with the construction of the Palace. Designed to impress it also holds the administration, barracks, guest area for Rayya’s children diplomats, throne room and governor’s family residence.

General Views of Konistrápolis

South view:

East view

North view

West view

Konistrápolis Ground views:

South view

West view

North view


The Lower City (Old City).
The first part of the city to be built, it includes Market Square, the Farmer’s Quarter, The Harbour and the Green Quarter.

General View

The Marquet Square
Most of the goods in Konistrápolis change hands in this square and its many market stands. Here you can also find two important buildings, Konistrápolis tavern and the Agia Odèle Eklesia.

The Tavern
Probably the most visited building in the whole city. It has three restaurants. The Tavern offers a great variety of meals: from traditional Ascendancy recipes like the meat stew to specialities from the desert, such as different tahini.

Agia Odèle Eklesia
Saint Odele is the parrish of the Lower City and the oldest temple in the whole town. Like all the other temples in Konistrápolis it is dedicated to Cid, but the building was named after the first Rayya’s Children merchant to come to the city. The day of her arrival is considered a very important one in the history of the city and festivities take place in Marquet Square and a special ceremony is held in Agia Odele.

The Farmer’s Quarter
This neighbourhood is dotted with little houses and farms. You can also find here the Grain Warehouse of the city. The most prominent structure is the Farmer’s Gate, one of the two main entrances to Konistrápolis.

The Farmer’s Gate
The Farmer’s Quarter Walls are the ones that more assaults have suffered in all Konistrápolis. Its neighbours are the most valiant and proud of the city.

The Weavers Workshop
In this quarter is also located the most active busines of the city, The Weavers Workshop. This building has easy access to both Market Square and the Harbour.

The Green Quarter
After having the opportunity to get to know better the Rayya’s Children, Konistrapolis’ citizens discovered that, besides trading and goods, the thing that most impressed them were their trees and gardens. The main entrance used by Rayyas’ merchants, Rayya’s Children Gate, was designed accordingly. Thus the Green Quarter was created.

Top Down View

The street along which Rayyas’ merchants enter the city became known as Tree Avenue.

Street View

The Bath House
The Green Quarter includes another very popular building in Konistrapolis, the Bath House.
Taking baths is a leisure activity that the citizens of the Cidian Empire love very much. It is a complex ritual where they go through three different pools. First a very hot one, followed by a warm one and finally a cold one. After the bathing they enjoy massages, eating, drinking and chatting with friends. For those who like to exercise there is a sports ground at the back of the building. When Rayyas Children discovered this tradition they also loved it and joined the Cidians eagerly.




The Harbour
For most of their citizens this is the true entrace to Konistrápolis. It links it with the rest of the Empire and The Ascendancy. The activity here never stops as long as there is light. Besides trading ships, fishing boats are also common. Right now you can see a Dromon docked. It is waiting for the governor, Alejo Komenos, who has been called back to the capital to celebrate his success.

City view from the harbour


The Artisans’ Quarter
Located between the Lower and Upper Cities, the Houses in this neighbourhood flank the street leading to the palace main gate. At the end of the street, by the palace gate, you can see a police station. There are several of these buildings over the town to help mantain the order.

General view

The right row
Here you can see the Mason’s house (right) and the Carpenter’s house (left). The Carpenter’s workshop is another of the busiest businesses in town. Rayya’s Children merchants appreciate Cidian woodcraft a lot.

The left row
In this side of the street are the Blacksmith’s House (right) and the Potter’s house (left). The potter spent sometime with Rayya’s Children artisans to improve his crafting skills. When he came back to the town he had developed a liking for Rayya’s ways and he built his house accordingly. In the middle is located a big warehouse with many materials the artisans use.

The Upper City (New City).
The Upper City was constructed to accomodate the ever increasing population of the city. Here you can find the most important building in Konistrápolis, the Agios Cidi Basilika. Other buildings of note are the Anniversary Column, the Theatre, the Governor’s Old Villa, the Translators’ School and the Homeland Garden.
The Upper City is protected by two strong forts: Twin Tower Fort and Corner Fort.

General views

The Agios Cidi Basilika
The Basilica of Saint Cid is the single biggest building in Konistrápolis, only surpassed in area by the palace complex, but not in height. It towers over the neighbouring houses and can be seen from many miles away. It is the centre of Cid’s worship in Konistrápolis. Its sober interior reflects some of the precepts of Cid’s teachings. Its construction was partially due to religious zeal and to the Basileos instructions to impress the Rayya’s Children.



Street view

The Theatre Square
This square is very popular among Konistrápolis citizens to meet and spend some free time in the shadows of its numerous arcades before entering the theatre or going somewhere else. Many deals are also made here too.
Its most prominent structures are the Theatre and the Anniversary Column. This column was raised to commemorate the first year from the foundation of Konistrápolis.


The Theatre
Theatre is one of the most liked entertainments in the Empire, after bathing and horse racing. Konistrápolis’ Theatre was built using the side of one of the hills on the city. It can acommodate most of the city population at the same time.

Twin Towers Fort and Homeland Garden
On the hill over the Theatre is the Twin Towers Fort. One of the two forts that protect the Upper City. In front of it is the Homeland Garden. This garden was designed with the citizens native land, The Empire, its grasslands and its forests, in mind. It is a comforting spot to help bring home to these distant lands.

Governor’s Old Villa and Translators’ School
The construction of the palace did not start until all the other structures in the city were finished. In the meantime Alejo Komenos and his family resided in this villa. The building of Konistrápolis was directed from here. The small domed building to its side is the Translators’ School. There the scholars of the Empire translate Rayyan’s Children texts, learn and teach their language to further the understanding between both peoples.

Corner Fort
The second fort defending the Upper City is Corner Fort. Going up and down those stairs several times was a common punishment for laziness on the early days of the city. Below it you can see a wealthy merchant’s house.


The Palace Complex
The Palace Complex is the biggest, and quite likely most impressive, structure in Konistrápolis. Inside it you can find the city administration, army barracks, governor’s residence, medical services and city jail.
It is divided in three parts, the Front Courtyard or Army courtyard, the Palace itself and the Gardens.

Palace Complex Front

Palace Complex Back

The Front Courtyard
The Palace Complex has three accesses. All of them lead to the Front Courtyard.
The Front courtyard is occupied mostly by the Army barracks. These include mess room, canteen, dormitories, armory and officer’s quarters. Konistrápolis army is made up of three squads, 17 highly skilled men. Two squads are stationed in the Front courtyard. The third squad is spread over the town in specialised buildings, the police stations.
In the Front Courtyard you can also find the Basileos Eklesia, right over the Green Quarter, and the City jail.

Front courtyard arcade
To the left: the Basileos Eklesia, Centre: soldiers’ dormitories, Right: canteen, war room and armoury.

The Palace
This is the main building in the complex. It holds the administration, Medic’s facilities, and the Impressive Throne Room. Don’t forget to visit the Governor’s Chapel!

General View

Central or Pool Courtyard

Doctor’s surgery Tower

Governor’s Office

Governor’s Chapel

The Throne Room

City view from the Palace roofs

The Gardens
Located at the back of the Palace. This area is mostly a big walled garden. The buildings that can be seen here are the Tree fort, that protects the access to the Front Courtyard from the Green Quarter, The Guest’s House, intended for Rayya’s Children Diplomats. It is built in a country house style and surrounded by trees. Finally, in a private area at the back, you can find the Governor’s Family Residence.

General view

Governor’s Family Residence

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