Vasedro Haven (Rayya's Children Custom)

Ja hej there. I posted a few of these over on Steam but I figured it was finally time that I came here to join in the discussions and whatnot, as I really kind of love this game.

This is a save I’ve been working on for a few weeks for a few hours at a time. The save file and the name of the town are not the same :stuck_out_tongue:

Presenting - Vasedro Haven

This mighty citadel rises above a fertile oasis in the heart of the desert. Although I am playing as Rayya’s children, I was actually inspired more by the Kobolds and copied the shape of their hats for the roofing. In spite of their warlike culture, I felt like they would try to put in some effort to the places that they chose to live in permanently so that the shinies they worked so hard to uh… acquire… were well protected to bring the most honour to their goddess.

I have more images which show the details more closely but I can’t post them yet. They’re up on steam though, if you’re curious.

EDIT: I added an album on Imgur with captions.
Imgur Album


hey there @quwface, welcome to the discourse :smile:

wow, this looks amazing, there’s a lot of detail in the build. i like how you got inspiration for the roofs from kobold hats, gives it a kind of oriental feel.

keep up the amazing work :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

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Thank you! :smiley:


WOW! Thank you so much for sharing, I can’t wait to see more : ).


This is so beautiful!! I love all the details, and your story : D !


I absolutely love this build. I can’t even come up with more words for it… just stunning


I looked at it at first and quickly dismissed it as a ripoff of Konistrapolis. Then I looked closer.

I love the style. I’d say I’ve never seen anything in the game quite like it before, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything at all like it in the game before. I don’t even want to think of how painful and time-consuming it must have been to get all the details in, but they’re gorgeous. It seems like every time I look at the picture I see something new. [I just noticed the building on the hill in the back.] Keep it up!


Thank you for the comments, and thank you Team Radiant for making this game. It really scratches the city builder itch in a unique way.

This is the main entrance to the citadel. The lower door leads to a series of caves dug into the mountain, and the stairs either side lead up to the main keep. The town defense flag is hidden away in the caves behind the lower door, behind three sets of clay tunnel doors which have yet to be breached. The upper keep is currently empty, but there is a small dwelling next to it in the upper bailey which is currently the home to the Haven’s priests… or at least where their comfy beds are placed.

The small pavillion on the hill in the distance is the Shine to Rayya… also please ignore the combat ongoing in the background. The Haven gets attacked at least once a day or so… sometimes it kind of feels like Helms Deep; but way cuter, obviously. :smile:

In terms of playtime… in-game the year is 1001. Every time I was expecting the year to end I was pleasantly surprised to find another month waiting for me. Out of game… I’ve been playing this on and off since August/September when I have free time. The hearthlings built everything except the walls inside one of the caves, because they kept getting stuck. The updates to the construction and scaffolding engine were really -really- helpful.


Normally I’d try to leave some constructive feedback on a build I like… but frankly, I can’t think of anything constructive to say about this city. It’s superb, inspiring, and leaves me at a loss for words – which is not a common occurence :laughing:

Stonehearth is one of those games where any time and effort you invest can be multiplied in the finished product; and it’s amazing to see how that’s turned out here. 1001 years of construction is a massive accomplishment, but your city still looks very “live-able” – it’s not cramped or cluttered, there’s visible expansion going on, and the layout is nicely open and ordered. So on top of being a very (very, very, very… lol) good-looking town, it’s also very functional and defensible.

It’s just an amazing creation :smiley: