My friend challenged me to design my own temple!

So I am a bit of a shy type, and I LOVE games like these but sometimes i talk myself out of custom builds out of my anxiety. So she saw I needed a shrine for the desert version of the town quest, i forget what it is called. So she challenged me, said I want you to make a beautiful custom temple for the shrine. I was a bit awkward, bring put on the spot and all, but I gave it a shot, and they seemed to like it! So I thought I would share it here, I do hope I put it in the right category.

(there are a lot of pics below, just click!)


That’s a pretty awesome temple you have there.

Have you considered using the stone braziers for lighting surrounding the temple, it may offer a different feel for this holy temple :slight_smile:

thanks! I did plan to try it, but worried they didnt fit the desert feel of it, but I will try them and see how it looks :slight_smile:

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I love how you’ve used the lamps to lead into the main shrine in the middle! It’s a different look to what I expect from Rayya’s Children, much more open and airy, so it’s already telling a different story.

I imagine that the central shrine has a really powerful light/glow which shines out like a beacon whenever the temple is being visited by the attention of a divine being – where the other temple designs for RC tend to cast detailed shadows, this one looks like a giant lamp to spread Rayya’s light across the lands.


@Mouse If you end up liking the different ambiance of the stone braziers I’d love to see a screenshot of it. I can agree though that this temple definitely tells a story of your tribe.

I recently started working on my own designs because in the end that’s half the fun of this game ^_^. What really matters is that you enjoy the end result and that it fits your tastes hehe