Fan Art: Stone Braziers

The Stone Brazier suggestion in the mason development thread had me doodling these past few days instead of studying. Now that I’ve finished my exams, I took some time to attempt to model my sketches. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Basic stone brazier - Place near pathways and on bridges for lighting.

Fancy stone brazier - A warm sensation fills you as you stand near this mystical pillar.

I’ve implemented an open-top design to brighten up the area, with four small corner posts to keep the firewood in place.
Note the metal rings on either side. These can be used to moor boats by your docks, tie horses outside the town gates, or to chain off areas between these pillars.

It was quite hard to make any designs in sketchup, but ideally the sides would have carved relief designs.
The fancy version is meant to have carved eyes and more jewels, more suitable for lighting the mage district in town.

Constructed by: Journeyman Mason

Cost to build: 2 Stone

Cost to operate: 1 wood / night - Must be stocked up and lit, as with campfires

Light - Greater radius than lantern.
Fire - Keeps the Trolls at bay!
Stats boost - Buffs up your footmen as they stand guard.

What are your thoughts/suggestions?

Hope you enjoy! Until next time… :octopus:


Looks great! My only issue is that i know @Tom stays away from any type of rounded objects/detail as much as possible.

But other than that, i really dig it.


Love it, well made enough detail to show what it is but not too much.

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wow, really well thought out and executed! looking forward to your other “doodles”! :+1:

p.s. had anyone suggested a simple stone sign/plaque?

p.s.s. wrong thread! that’s what I get for posting while vacationing… :blush:


Yay, sombody likes my Idea!

I had been thinking of something closer to the ground, high enough to hold your hands over to warm them
(I cant embed images on my phone, so ill post the link)

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Here’s a baby-sized version:

Its only 2 ft tall, based on the full-sized braziers above. The carvings could definitely use some more work, though they’re too complex to be in SH models anyways!


sweet, you are the man, and quite good at this stuff too

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Annnnd, now craftable by the Mason! You’ll have to wait for Alpha 7 to see what they look like at night. Thanks for the sketches!


Amazing!!! Can’t wait :blush:

This is what I love about team radiant.

you suggest something, and they are like:
“looks cool”

and 3 days later, they added it for a future release


I thought I might make a small brazier aswell

Hey, I’m new to voxel stuff, don’t expect much!

The Fire is extremely un-symmetrical (is that a word?!), but the ‘basket’ is allright, so I might not be doing that bad


thats good fro someone new (really good, well i like it) @dwarf

Thanks, I also posted a voxel thing on quibicle creations

I’m thinking of making a thread for it

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