The Village of Springford

This is my first kingdom in the game Stonehearth. I decided to play it in peaceful mode. My aim was to learn how to play and to build. And then find out how many things can i do with the building tool (How much can I stretch it). Next kingdom will be on normal mode. I have to learn how to fight enemies now. :wink:

General view of the village:

Another general view of the village:

The village plaza:
Here you can see the Village hall, Weaver’s house (white walls), Blacksmith’s house (blue banners), and food farms. The textile farms can be seen behind the Weaver’s house.

Administrator’s House:
Administrator’s House with private garden and pond. The house to the right is the Carpenter’s house.

The pagoda:
Here, you can see the pagoda style shrine, the path to the mines and the Mines’ gate, protected by the East Watchtower.

The East Watchtower:
External view of the East Watchtower, the Mines’ gate and the Pagoda.

The Main Gate:
Main entrace to the village and Yagura (tower) protecting it.

The Heart of the village:
It’s called Hopper because of the way he moves around in the village. Here you can see him playing hide and seek with some workers.

But, How?
How did you get there, Hopper? Come back down, please!

On a more technical side:
I have noticed a couple of graphic bugs as I was building the village. They may have been posted already but i’ll write them anyway just in case.
When a crafter finishes an item and carries it to the stockpile, the item is invisible. The crafter’s hands are in position as if holding something but nothing can be seen. When he finally reaches the stockpile and drops the item, it becomes visible again.
Also, when the hearthlings are eating, sitting on a chair in front of a table, sometimes, they suddely jump up in the air a couple of blocks. They stay there until they finish eating. Then they go down again and continue with the daily tasks.

I hope you liked the village and enjoyed seeing it.

Have fun, Kyth.


Springford looks great! I love your attention to detail on your builds :smile:

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I love the Japanese style buildings especially the castle type one :smiley:

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I’m just going to call @Avairian over here for those Far East designs…

Excellent job!



Also I really like the details you used (Flowers! The lanterns on a stone block, The details of the buildings ) and that you really maintained this far eastern style everywhere.

Must have been a lot of work to set up all those slabs. :grinning:

Did your hearthlings build all this or did you “help” them with instabuild? :flushed:
How long did you play to reach this state of your town?

Keep up the good work! :grin:

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@Atralane Yes, please. Do tell him that i’m very looking forward for his mod.

@SpareGoblin and @Eagle Thank you very much.
I love japanese feudal culture and arquitecture and to pay a real lot of attention to detail :slight_smile:

@Pfauenauge Yes, it was a lot of work. I did not used any walls. All is floors and slabs (free blocks). And a lot of support ladders to help the hearthlings. I don’t know what is the “instabuild” but I’m guessing right now. I haven’t used it. There wouldn’t be fun on it. The pleasure is found in building :smiley:.
As for how long did it take… I’m checking right now. Day 16, Growmun, 1000. That’s the date on the save. But remmember I was learning the game. I spent a lot of time crafting, gathering and mining.

Have Fun, Kyth.

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For those who love details here are some pics of the interior of the houses.

Weaver and Blacksmith’s house:

Administrator’s house ground floor:

Yagura ground floor:

Yagura first floor:


Have fun, Kyth.


Excellent building. Very well done.

Great job, maybe I should pay more attention to my buildings too…

Brb, my jaw dropped and I can’t find it…

HOW did you even BUILD THIS!? It looks amazing! Please make some video’s on how you did this. Pretty please.


Springford looks awesome, do you plan on uploading the templates of your builds?

@ZwoeleBeer Unfortunately I don’t know how to make a video. but @Dracorexion question gives me an idea. I didn’t know you could save templates. I can re-design the buildings and save them. Then mail them somehow with any instructions needed. I’ll look into it this evening.

The building proccess in general was like this:

Build One floor at a time: 1 Floor+free block walls. Add support ladders as required if the hearthlings get stuck or stop building. With all the shapes and decorations these houses have it prevents the hearthlings going mad… and you…
Design the next on top of the previous one. Again floor + free-block walls (or free-block roof).
A “priming” ladder may be needed when the wider perimeter of the floor is not in the lower line of blocks/floor. Scaffolding will be built along this wider perimeter and the hearthlings will not be able to reach those not-so-wide lower blocks.
“T-shape structures” (see watchtower roof) Once the horizontal beam is built the hearthlings may not be able to reach the vertical ones if the scaffolding is away from them. Help them with aditional ladders!

Once the house is finished I placed the furniture.

In order to gain Access to the interior of the houses use the slice terrain tool. Change the lvl to access different floors. The house icon also works. The first click does nothing, but the second makes the “slabs” disappear, leaving only the floors (that is the reason for using floors and “slabs” and not just “slabs”). Again use the slice button to move from one floor to another.

To place doors: use the “Ghost slab technique” found on thread “placing doors and windows”. (anyone who knows how to make a link please do it ;))

Have fun, Kyth.