Haru-Jo, The Spring Castle

Here are the pictures of my last kingdom,
This thread is very heavy on images. I hope you enjoy them.

General view of the Castle:

The Tenshu or castle keep:

Tenshu interior:

Honmaru or inner courtyard and Main Gate:

Upper Gate:

Yagura or Tower, interior:

Living Quarters:


A bit too tall for my liking… :disappointed:

Kura Warehouse:

(yes, it has two floors :smiley: )

Finally a couple of images I like a lot:

Main Gate and Honmaru by night:

Hope you enjoyed it. If you have any thoughts please let me know.

Have fun, Kyth.

PS: @Avairian I hope these images are enough, If you want to see anything in particular or want to know the reasoning behind something let me know. :wink:


OMG! It’s amazing! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

How did you build it?


best build yet imo. thats f-ing amazing.


Really inspiring! Well built!

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Very nice indeed :smile: Thanks for the images! Once building ng and blueprints get more stable maybe ill call upon you for some blueprints.

By the way I love the layout of the dojo. Most people don’t know the Dojo was not a training hall but a ceremonial gathering place to honnor fallen warriors as well as a place to display warrior achievements. I really feel that vibe with your design :slight_smile: Great work once again!



Wow! I could never have conceived something like this was possible. Amazing work.

Love to hear any tips you might have on how to build like this.

Are you using walls with block-built roofs to connect ‘proper’ buildings?

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Thanks a lot for your comments.

@sdee @Tacit_Exit The biggest problem is that the buildings are very irregular so I can’t use the standard house tool. I used mostly the floor and free block placing tools.
The wall tool can also be used, leaving the holes for the windows and doors and then placing them after finishing the wall as a completely different building using the “ghost slab technique” :smile:
The roofs are totally free block.

I treated the tenshu, towers and gallery walls as different houses and then built one floor at a time. This way I avoided having problems with the hearthlings getting stuck and stopping the construction. The top roof is treated as another floor made only of free blocks.

Each part of the complex is built separately:

Designing a tenshu floor:

To help them I used player placed ladders freely. Usually placing a first one (priming ladder) to help them start the construction. The scaffolding is always built around the widest perimeter of blocks in the building. If this perimeter is not the lowest level of blocks, the hearthlings won’t be able to reach this lowest, not so wide, row of blocks, hence the ladder.

Also, in walls not in contact with the scafolding, ladders were needed in rows isolated by window/door holes or to help build internal columns.

The towers include in their design the link with the galleries to ease the process.

Basically, keeping each part of the building project as simple as posible to help the hearthlings do it. And keeping a close eye on their progress.

Have Fun. Kyth.


Thanks for the tips @Kythandra . Time to put my Hearthlings to work!


looks at own projects

looks at this


Oh, come on! now I’m sad… :worried:


Looking at this really makes me suprised you would put so much effort into a build for a contest I made! (Then again, I don’t see many other contest round’ these parts…) I really am surprised, and love it how you wrote the japanese names for every room of the castle! Truly, you have earned the title, Sengoku Architect.

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All hail to you sir! This is amazing!


Now has a strong urge to build massive scale wise


Truely awesome building!
How long and who many saves were needed?

Thank you. The last save says day 4 of warmon, 1000. That would be about 184 in game days. In RL it took three weeks :slight_smile:
The number of saves is 23. Most of them of the first two months… and the one before the last.

Have fun, Kyth.


184 days! I thought I could make an exception if you were a day or two of, but, 184! That’s more than 2 times the deadline!

Regardless of that, this is an amazing build, probably one of the best I’ve ever seen (And certainly better than anything I could make…)

It was my first normal mode game. I spent a lot of time learning how to use parties, to fight and to explore. Remember that I thought the game had to last at least 80 days, not at most. So, I took my time to do many things. Still, building it would have taken a lot of time even without the fiddling. :wink:

Have Fun, Kyth


Oh my gosh it’s awesome. And i’m happy when i can build a big house on my own :smiley:
Keep up this great work! <3


You should be more than happy. That house on top of the scaffolding is lovely. Scaffolding house I may borrow the idea if you dont mind. :wink:

Have fun, Kyth.

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