Stream 100! Plans are afoot... and we need your help!

I could always be arrogant and suggest a few of my own builds if there’s a builds slideshow… maybe Diadem Castle/Diadem Chateau, Diluvium Shrine and City, or Diadem Depot? I figure these are the most detailed and picture-rich of my projects so far…


You could always play the clips that match some of the quotes in the Tom’s best quotes library!

Or the UUUMMMM Montage :smiley:


wow, timing is everything… I was off by a mere few weeks! :cry:

but I am really looking forward to the 100th stream!!! lore, gets a definite +1 from me… :+1:


How about Tom’s ummmms set to the can can?

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It’d be cool if we could meet everyone who works on Stonehearth.

As for builds, maybe you can ask @Beatrice for her latest Lakeside Village save.

I’ll scour around for some more.

@Mindemann’s Tudor Castle,
@Kythandra’s Spring Castle,
@Helldiver’s Pinewood Keep,
@Semiavas’s Eye of Sauron

and like all of @micheal_handy76_mh’s stuff

just did a quick browse, sorry if i missed ya!


definitely needs to make it into the stream!

has weather and seasons been done yet?

Good thinking! I want rain in my rainmun month!

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while to build more cool stuff. I started at University a bit ago and between my triple major and sports I haven’t had much free time for games :(. But besides my tower I also built this spaceship:

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If we can get a collection of Tom’s best facial expressions during streams, I would offer a whole, working build of the sheep rave, including dependencies and music and all. It could be live for once.


For added entertainment value, I think the team should do the entire Stream on helium. Preferably in musical format.


Thanks to everyone for the suggestions – keep 'em coming!

We don’t have time to put together new clips (e.g. of all the “ummmms”) – of course, if someone feels particularly motivated to do this, we’ll show it…

We’re assembling some great fan art, all-time spectacular builds, and more. Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow!


if fan art is part of this, then all of @Goldmetal’s work needs to be showcased :wink:


spectacular builds, dancing sheep and gorgeous fan art … I really hope I can make this evenings stream!! :crying_cat_face:


i really truly hope you can, i actually hope that everyone will be able to make it.

its just not the same watching the archived version…


I’m planning to wear a tux. Keep an eye out for me.


I know the feeling, Gotta be up early tomorrow and it’ll be 2AM for me, I’ll try to make it!
if we’re nominating our own buildings, I’ve always got the save for my Hearthling mansion from Alpha 6/7

Looking at this reminds me of the old memory issue, This mansion used like 5 GB :stuck_out_tongue:
Tonight’s steam has that built up feeling, seeing this thread makes it all feel so special! Good luck with the stream tonight It’s going to be insane, Hopefully I’ll be there :smile:


I wish I could see it. I’m really envious. But 3am and having to work tomorrow makes it impossible… Just make sure it is saved so we can watch it later, pls, pls, pls!!! :sob:

Have fun, Kyth.

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what time is this at?