Castillo de Piedra Blanca, Whitestone Castle

Found within the southern reaches of the Darkmoor forest you can see the Castillo de Piedra Blanca, Whitestone castle. It was built by the Ulloa family and has the honor of being the summer residence of the Ascendancy Royalty. It is here that Princess Dania spends the hot months of the year.

As you get close you can appreciate the great expertise of the architects, masons and crafters that took part in its construction. But the castle is not just beautiful, it is also a strong fortress whose defenses have never been breached by the enemies of the Ascendancy.

Southern side and entrance to the castle:

East side:

West side:

North side:

Aerial view of the castle:

Bridge and the Three Gates:

The Patio de Armas, Main courtyard:

Miracle Chapel:
I named the chapel like that, “miracle”, because when I designed it I thought that it would be a miracle if they built it, but they did it. :smiley:

The North courtyard and Ornate stairs:

The Westward:

Interior of the MainHall (North Courtyard):

The Height of the castle walls is really imposing:

Lovely neighbours:

I hope you enjoyed our castle. The Ulloa family will be pleased to see you again.

Have Fun Kyth.


It almost reminds me of a Disney castle. But cooler.


Amazing castle/fortress you’ve built there :astonished: :heart_eyes:!

I can already imagine the hotelcastle staff saying to the guests:

“And here we have the soup spoon used by our very own Princess Diana on eating her meat stew in her last visit here…”.

Great Job :smiley:!

What a masterpiece Kyth!
How many hours have you spend on that? And is a one single template that you might concider sharing with the rest of us?
I love it and thank you for posting this.


Wowzah, amazing castle ya go there!! Thank you so much for sharing the build and the story. :merry:

That’s awesome. I really like the interlaced brick look on the building corners, wish that was a real thing in game with the wall tool!


I feel like some walls would’ve benefitted from just a tiny bit more depth, the east side for example. Other than that it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in Stonehearth.

That looks amazing, thank you for sharing : ).

Thank you very much for your comments.

@Fornjotr I started this project about mid march. I don’t know the number of hours but it has taken nearly two months and a half.
It is not a single template. A template of that size would probably break the game. Each tower, gate, wall and house is a different building template.

@coasterspaul You are more or less right. I wanted to build a fairy castle of sorts for stonehearth although the inspiration does not come from Walt Disney’s castle but from Le Château de Pierrefonds. If anyone gets a chance, please do visit it. It is as lovely as impresive.

Have fun, Kyth.


This is a fantastic build.
What does it say about me that it’s large, gorgeous structures like this that make me really hopeful that enemy siege weapons will become a feature?

OMG @Kythandra :smiley: It’s miracles all around. The Garden Gnomes are Back! (It’s a secret ascendancy cult religion). And the bunny :smiley:

Makes me think of this fantasy castle, from one of my favorite books:


Fantastic! I can’t believe those little guys built that for you… our Hearthlings have come a long way.

Keep up the good work!


@sdee I think I understand why it reminds you of that castle. When I decided to use Pierrefonds as inspiration I found the ornate decoration it has a bit too difficult for me, yet. So, I decided to water it down a little and used another castle as style model. A bit more sober. That was the Alcazar of Segovia. Take a look at it, you may find it familiar :wink:

Have Fun, Kyth.


Omg there it is. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This is extremely impressive. Main question I have is what was your lag like with a massive build like that? This could be one of those situations where letting the team look at that save file for performance purposes could help quite a bit.