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I accidentally made something terrifying today, lol


Beautiful :heart_eyes:


How’d you find that picture of me getting up this morning?


whoops …


Scrapped concept content:

The Enthusiast - Crafted of the Emblems Collection; the Statues, Decorations, Furniture, and other things that pay tribute to the Bunnies, the Monkey, and revered entities.

The Enthusiast’s Altar - used to craft the various Statues:

The Enthusiast’s Cauldron - used to cook special components and dishes:

The Enthusiast’s Deco-Bench - used to craft the Decorational pieces:

The Enthusiast’s Furniture Bench - used to craft the Furniture:

I might re-use the models for furnishings/decorations


So, prior to Stonehearth, I used to play a lot of Gnomoria, which has six stone types;

Basalt - Bauxite - Lapis Lazuli - Marble - Sandstone - Serpentine

…I’ll see myself out

Bonus: What happened when I tried doing a “swirled” coloring and decided to use different colors first to make it more obvious:



Some more Animallishment plushies currently in the works:


They’re all so cute! What’s that last one, though?


A more typical toy-style bunny, based on one that was in the discount bin from Easter when I was at the store earlier, as opposed to the others being more based on the creatures from within Stonehearth.

Was contemplating taking it back out because of that disconnect.



Holiderp > Elf on a Shelf


Holy windows, batman! BagHat likes.


Okay, need some input, particular from everyone camping out at the mod development location;

This is a goblin plushie WIP:

I have some reservations regarding plushie necks; most stuffed animals I’m familiar with (glances around at her plush army), tend to not really have small necks if they have a discernible one at all. They tend to be a weak point when they do exist, to my experience.

Though, uh, going no neck looks…odd…

Maybe just a thicker neck?

Or am I overthinking / using too much realism?


Yeah, the thin neck looks a bit weird to me, and the no neck is a bit hard to read. The thicker neck is definitely the best IMO.


Agreed completely.

@Kittyodoom I think the plush goblin still looks very similar to its living counterparts though, plushies generally have exaggerated features and this goblin looks more “high def” than the existing plush bunny. Perhaps a more “lo-fi” or stylised version would come out cuter and fluffier? At this moment I’d say this guy is closer to a taxidermy goblin than a plush toy hehe.


Oh, yea, they’re still early versions. I wanted to get their general shapes a way I like before I start playing around with details.


I actually like the no neck version and i think such feature would help you on what Yeti describes? ohhh and i would just buy a plushie goblin IRL on the spot! :heartpulse::jubilant:


@coasterspaul, @YetiChow, @Fornjotr, other campers:

As thanks, here is a preview of the second iteration of the Derpy Plush, since it’s the first in the set and thus has some work on the next version. So from this:



Still play around with Derpy a bit though, so may change further
(Orrr I’ll fail to save it and thus have to do the second version again, meaning I’ll almost definitely change it as a result, lol…)

-edit- Derpy v2.5:


Bonus: The limited edition Perpy-Derpy


“The googley eyes were quickly deemed a mistake, and all the plushies were thrown into a box to be discarded. Unfortunately, no one checked if that box was empty first, resulting in the plushies squishing a stock of grapes…”


@BrunoSupremo would it be much of an imposition to get that mod onto Steam Workshop?


@Kittyodoom Awww I :heart::heartbeat::two_hearts: the patchwork appearance of the derpy!! Though his ears kinda make him resemble a certain Master Jedi…that got hit in the face with a stone mace.