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Treguna Mekoides Trecorum Satis Dee


Sugar Water Bells

Sugar Water Glow Bells


Sugar Glow Bells

and yellow-orange recolour:



Heh the yellow-orange with the glowing white gave me a candy corn vibe. I love the idea of em floating in the water though.

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Well, they are sugar bells, so why not candy corn? :wink:

The glowy ones were just for fun, but…yea, when I saw them the first time, my mind went to water lilies, lol

I just was offline all day so I missed chiming in about them


At least my time stuck offline (computer was on the fritz; think a driver update went wrong, rolling it back seems to have stabilized it for the moment) wasn’t entirely unproductive;

For anyone interested in the kind of non-voxel related artwork I do, here’s an example - the Loch Ness liquor bottle:


Yay for arts and crafts!! Especially love the water, great job. :jubilant:


This is why you don’t let the engineer help the blacksmith design things…


I really like that but at the same time it’s a little hard to read. That might be the point but I do wonder if adding some more contrast or cleaning up the shapes a bit would make it look even nicer?

Alternatives to the bronze-on-bronze;

Gold on bronze:

Silver on Bronze:

Copper on Bronze:

Open to other suggestions to try, if you have any :slight_smile:


I like the effect of the silver on bronze, but the bunny doesn’t really stand out. Perhaps try bronze, copper, or gold on silver? Unless that’s the way you wanted it to present? I love the bunny anyway. :jubilant:

Edit: I was thinking of how it would be seen ingame and smaller or at a distance.


Iron Bunny Window:

Iron with Copper Bunny Window:

Iron with Gold Bunny Window:

Iron with Silver Bunny Window:


I really like all the combinations with iron. Copper and gold stand out more, but part of me likes silver more.


Drats. For the new window models, I had made a hi-res model:

Then scaled it down, and touched up the details:

I made a stone one in a similar fashion, then used the two of those to make the new clay and metal windows.

For the plant-wrapped Overgrown window, I wanted to make the detailed hi-rest so the plant bits and faded color might be more notable…

But, well…

…I think all I did was set myself up to be disappointed…


ermagaaaaaahhhhhhhhd yesssssssssssssssss!

The first plant one is my favourite of all (the second is a bit too “regular”/geometric/not-random for my tastes), but the basic wooden ones are also amazing. I like the hi-rez one but I can agree it’s not quite as in-line with the vanilla style; the scaled down one looks great to me though.

I definitely prefer the iron window backing to the bronze one, but again, IMO iron on iron is incredibly hard to read. Gold, silver and copper on iron, on the other hand… :ok_hand:

I like the first (high res?) stone and green window. It’s great. As for the wooden ones I think they might be better with a darker brown for the background while keeping the light browns in the decoration, for better “reading”. All of them are lovely anyway, good job.

Have fun, Kyth.

Well, yes, the iron-on-iron wasn’t meant to be distinct; unlike the original bronze, this was intentional on the basis of having it be a “simpler” (relatively speaking) looking one compared to the ones with the contrast precious metal detailing.

Because unsurprisingly, I’m a content packcat and added all of them, so the blacksmith can now make eight different bunny windows, lol. I staggered the levels on them a bit; bronze, then bronze with detailing, then iron, then iron with detailing (especially since you have to level up to make iron bars anyways).

The high-res plant one is probably my favourite model to date; I’m so sad it doesn’t scale nicely (I tried playing with it a few ways; no dice). But yea, the hi-res models aren’t advisable; not just because they don’t fit style, but they also really affect performance since it’s rendering so much in a small area - I did do a proof-of-concept test with the wooden one:


My game/computer staggered a bit with them in play.
I toyed with the idea of including the three ready-to-use high-res items with the mod and have them off by default, with directions how to swap out. But I’m not sure if it’s a wise idea.

Also, these are the current final wood, stone, and clay ones (I don’t have a plant one currently, still trying to make a simpler one that I actually like):




Since I kept running into issues that I couldn’t resolve, I’m rebuilding the mod (in terms of files) from the ground up, so I start revisiting some of the models I wasn’t as happy with as well.

Taking a short break from the overhaul-update to quickly address my other mods, as those should be a lot faster and simpler comparatively, particularly the Building Colors and Materials ones.


Oooh, I love the clay one, the one in the middle! :merry:


Thanks >^ẅ^<
The clay actually is my favourite of the regular windows so far :smiley_cat:

Why am I only able to like these once! Too bad the high res tries to break the game.

“Praised be Cthulu”