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Test 1:

  1. Dirt is mineable: :heavy_check_mark:

  2. I think those are the right colors, lol

  3. Um…well, this is concerning

  4. …those are not the right colours, lol… BUT!
    Okay, you can’t place the farm directly on the replaced area; it will give you a big red X. You can, however, start the farm just above/below/to the side, and drag it onto the replaced area.

Color Test 2: (to see if I just placed the wrong ones above)

Houston, we have a problem…

It won’t let me place dirt back down again in the area I just re-cleared. Sigh.

Okay, took a little playing around, but I may have convinced it, by way of stretching a foundation from beyond the hole on the lefthand side, to beyond it on the righthand side. So, like with the farming, it wasn’t directly selectable/editable, but is feasible.

I…think this definitely should be separate from the building mod, it seems rather inherently unstable, and not something I have a clue how to fix.



The colors don’t work correctly on replaced terrain. It clearly is just doing its own thing there.
So, I think, a filler “compost” as a separate option from “cosmetic terrain”.

Hmm…though this is all using the “dirt resource”. I wonder if there’s any other way this might feasibly work… wanders off into the night



“Kitties gathering around to make offerings to the Hamnisu for his wisdom/luck”

Because @Hamnisu is wonderful for letting me borrow him as a second set of eyes when I’m utterly failing to catch why something is throwing an error and have frustrated myself into a corner. And I get artsy when sleepy.


Input needed, please, from anyone who doesn’t mind giving their opinion on the subject!

Should Packed Dirt, a dirt-based building material used for Terrain based colours, be made by the Mason or the Potter? (choose one)

  • Mason, at the Workshop
  • Potter, at the Potter’s Wheel
  • Mason, at the Pedestal
  • Potter, by hand

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Hi Kitty,

Packed dirt seems like such a primitive thing that perhaps any “crafter” class would be able to make this by hand without the need of a workshop.

It almost feels like if there was a way (stress on was) that any worker should be able to make it by hand (Again I appreciate this isn’t really possible)


Yea, which is part of why it was hard trying to figure out what to do with it in the existing system. =/


Adding it to all the crafters would be a bit of work; will have it be for Potter and Carpenter to start, since those are the classes you’re sure to have one or the other of right from the start no matter which of the two factions you choose. I’ll likely add it to the other crafting classes as an update after seeing how things work with the new building system.

Thank you for the input!
Turned out to be a lot faster than I anticipated; all crafters will be able to make packed dirt.


It was well meaning, but perhaps [100%] guaranteed dirt when mining dirt is a bad idea…


Bright sides of the now lost mod update work:

  • Proof of concept: The Composting was working
    • Herbalist in my test game successfully converted a basket of Rotten Turnips into dirt resource.

Sadly not near the extent of what I want to do with Compost, but my skills are very limited compared to my ambition…

  • Proof of concept: New building resources
    • For the most part, the Painted Wood, Polished Stone, Adobe, and Pisé de Terra did work.
    • The custom resources tied to them - primed wood resource, refined stone resource, adobe resource, and packed dirt resource, respectively - were fairly easy to add, so long as I made sure to have the correct tag on the things they tied to.
    • To me, this means not only are craftable resources a feasible thing, but things made from this custom materials.

Granted, I knew to some extent this was already feasible courtesy of the Color Blocks mod by @Nex, which is was a big inspiration when playing with the new work.

For now, I’ve stripped my game of mods, and updated to A23 unstable again. I will start doing update type work while waiting for the release version.


Really great idea to turn rotten food into dirt :grinning:


I wanted to do more with it, have it be a compost material that would act as fertilizer for crops so they would grow faster and/or last longer before turning rotten

…but sadly that’s a bit beyond my skills, I feel


What are specifically your problems, maybe I can help you a little further with the little skills I have about materials.


I don’t know how to go about actually applying a boost to crop growth speed at all.
Honestly, trying to look through the files, I’m not even sure where to find the data that affects it >.<

…and yay, I wrote that post almost a week ago but apparently it never posted… sigh


So it is about actually giving the materials theitr behaviour, not just make the material work in practice. Well, the only help I can give you is searching through the code.

A quick gander at the .json of a random crop says:

“growing_period” : “18h”

so I guess the growth period is intrinsic to the crop. :thinking:. But the .json also says that said variable belongs in “stonehearth:growing”. So I guess that is where you have to look. If you find the part that says wait a time equal to “growth_period”, the you could use a mixin to replace that with:

if no fertilizer is applied, then wait a time equal to “growth_period”, else wait a time equal to some constant*“growth_period”. But then you’d still need to make hearthlings apply the fertilizer.


Found growing_component lua based off that.

I…don’t really know coding to add in that function.
I learned some basic programming in classes, but had a lot of trouble retaining the language. I know xml/json, but lua is beyond my skills


Loki HairLoki Hair 2

Got Qubicle for Christmas. Still do not quite understand how to use it yet, lol


Here’s the entire final collection of Hearthling customization models that I’ve created; for the new one that I’m attempting, I currently intend to scrap them all, and remake the ones that are worthwhile.

I feel that many of the ones currently in here don’t terribly fit the game’s style, and there’s plenty more I simply don’t like anymore (if I did at all).

As some people may like these as they are, or ones that I don’t intend to keep, I wanted to offer them up for free use. As a note, some of these were converted from other mods (typically hats, sometimes other bits)

Accessories & Facial Hair.rar (38.3 KB)
Hair Colours.rar (12.9 KB)
Skin Colours.rar (2.4 KB)
Hairstyles.rar (181.3 KB)


I misread the Trello card of “Danger” as Dancer. Now I want a dancer class, lol


Pardon the gif quality, I’ve never made one before, and it took me a few guesses to figure out how to do it with the Qubicle turntable files

-edit- Version 2 of the gif - I’m so proud, this one looks so much better, I think!


-edit2- Now with the male version as well!


Well, I utterly suck at positioning, but at least I make cute things…



That looks like a faulty setting in your exporter, seeing as everything is consistently shifted. In the .json you should be able to fix it, but I’m not sure for the carried iconic.


Levitating carried items are fine by me :stuck_out_tongue: