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Sorry Kitty, didn’t found errors on my end. (just a few unrelated ai errors)


I’m not surprised; it doesn’t actually give an error at any point.
They just end up not having heads.

I wish it would give an actual error, that would point me at what was going wrong.


What about the stonehearth.log?


:runs off to look for and check that one:


You’re a lifesaver. I didn’t even think of that file, and it did, indeed, point me in the right direction to fix the headless issue :smiley:

Now I just have to figure out why it’s listing each colour multiple times, and this might actually be viable!


Twelve of each hair style, twelve of each hair colour, three of each skin color…
At least my bugs keep things interesting…


stomps on customization code
So, it seems to be that mixing back in the index is what’s causing the duplication…but removing it prevents the new hairstyles from being added. I’ll come back to this later x_x


Ganbatte, Kitty!



This description :heart:


Apparently today is the anniversary of the day I joined the community. Huh.


Glad you joined!


A little statue to commemorate A22.5? :wink:


Very nice. Proud little buck-buck…er pollo.


Today I learned that there are 155 different terrain colours if you each one that appears at least once in each of the biomes - Forest, Desert, Anorien, Archipelago, Canyon, Corruption, Pillar, Sacred Grove, Swamp (did I miss any?)



Someone has too much free time, I see.

Lol at all those red colors from the canyon, I can only imagine the nightmare to find the correct color to match the terrain.


Nah, more the insomnia half of a bad hypersomnia/insomnia bout, and crunching data is sufficiently soothing to lull me towards sleep, so I went through the various biome generation files last night. Today I took all that and actually structured it into a building material, lol


Which we all can appreciate, thank you.
In the Archipelago the sand colors are offered at clay material because I couldn’t bother to find a better material to it, was not in the mood to actually create a sand item just for that.
In the swamp though, we added a few new materials, but I can’t remember if we had terrain colors.


I’m currently testing it out as the dirt resource material. I’m hoping (but not expecting) that doing so might enable it to actually act as terrain again (i.e. be able to farm on it). I set it so dirt should have a chance to drop from mining grass and dirt.

Unfortunately, as I’m not in the hypersomnia part of the cycle, I haven’t been able to focus to actually test it today, so it’s a bit slow going atm.


Also had the thought that if this works, I might go another step forward and try adding a new workshop to the herbalist, where they can recycle rotten foodstuffs and plant material into dirt as well.

Partially inspired by the rotten fish…
(and partially from having an entire field of crops go bad)

BUT one step at a time and all


If you get that idea, plus the experiment regarding material types (i.e. dirt that works like natural dirt), working as you intend then you will have effectively created a terraforming mod.

You really don’t set the bar low for yourself, do you… hahaha!

I can definitely see the “composting” mechanic working, and being extremely useful. I suspect that the idea with using the dirt material won’t work though, but it never hurts to try! I wonder, though, if there’s some trick using the ‘replace grass after demolishing building’ function? I believe that keeps track of grass that was removed, rather than just saying “replace these blocks with grass”, but again it might be worth looking into.

Either way, thanks so much for taking the time to bring out these terrain colours for newer versions!