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I laughed so hard there’s tears in my eyes; thank you xD


Oh no! Derpy thought we were laughing at him!


Quick, he needs a hug!


:hugs: Awww there there


I’ll think about it. But unless there is a big change into modding, I guess no. The mod is just a big override, and I’m against overrides. For example, this mod nullifies all the changes I made in the archipelago minimap, like custom tile names (beach instead of plains) and those map icons in the water. The opposite (and worse) can happen too, as another mod could use that file and nullify this one. And it can easily break between versions if the base game changes those files.
(that is the reason I’m not liking the current better storage mod, it erases any work that any other modder do to stockpiles, like adding one new item or filter to it)

For the plushies, I liked the first one, even though it looks real, you could just scale it down. (though I probably liked it better just because it was the first one I saw)


For the mod: Very reasonable. Didn’t hurt to ask!

For the plushie: Hmm, I could make smaller goblin “figurines”…


…I might like Derpy a bit too much now…



Runs around in the background with tentpoles and canvases The tippi is almost set up and i will make room for all the goblin plushies you can create Kitty! :jubilant::heartpulse::smiley_cat::camping:


I love the “see no evil, here no evil, speak no evil” plushie goblins! Particularly the way the middle one is pulling his ears down to block out the words, it has this adorable look that still manages to be comical.

I agree with @Logo about the patchwork appearance, it’s a great touch.

Part of me prefers the googly eyes, although having them point in different directions might be too much… perhaps something closer to the rectangular eyes that hearthlings use, but still showing whites to give a more subtle googly effect, could work? Or perhaps even just copying the plush bunny’s eyes directly to see how that fits? The googly versions kinda work in the derpy context but wouldn’t work so well with other moods; but the tiny black eyes have a “dead” look which is more disconcerting than adorable IMO. It’s a tough call, although the current eyes do work well on the “see no evil” etc. versions… perhaps it’s because of their derpiness?


Color changing Derpy discovered at the newly founded colony of Orchardshite - has cat magic gone too far?!



“Okay, she heard and gave this a try. I hear nothing…no wanna!”


“… … …”


“Oh sperd, I see what you did there. I no wanna see that!”

I have to admit, I really like this trio myself, hehe


ahahaha this is so awesome kitty! keep it comming! :joy::rofl::heartpulse::jubilant:


I just wanted to say - I don’t know why this community seems to regard me so well/highly, but I appreciate and love you all;



I dub thee “Cube Kitty.”


That moment I accidentally turned candles into bananas…



Ornate lights! Now I just have to…code…them…all… :cries:


Well, at least they look great :heart_eyes:

Good luck with all the code.



Kitty’s back to designing again!


StoneAgeHearth - Primitive Mod: (concept)

Farmer -> Scavenger
-Farming plots become set places that they scavenge every now and then, crops are those spots ‘replenishing’

Shepherd -> Shaman
-Spiritual fellow who “talks” with “wild” animals to gather from them.

Trapper -> Hunter
-Increase and vary drops more

Blacksmith -> Bonesmith
-Works with dug up bones rather than metals

Carpenter -> Carver
-Make resulting products more simplistic/primitive looking

Cook -> Firestarter
-More simplistic foods, more emphasis on the fire itself, change station to be more like a firepit

Engineer -> Time Traveller
-Probably should just be dropped, but I had this run through my mind and couldn’t resist

-Change potions to “remedies”

-Make resulting products more simplistic/primitive looking

-Change kiln to pit kiln, require fuel

Weaver -> Leatherworker
-Cloth based recipes swapped to hide based recipes
-Leather superior to hide
-Add heavy leather and leather “scale” armours (metal armour replacements)

Archer -> Slinger

Cleric -> Witch Doctor

Footmen -> Clubber
Knight -> Smasher
-Clubber limited to lighter weapons, Smasher gets heavier ones

The Time Traveller:


Because @Wouter_Sikkema wanted “to see a hearthling in a pinstripe suit with a big wrist watch”


Just playing around with things…



I really love the banners!