[TBA] Animallishments [23+]

Long ago, an Ascendency expedition came across the Bunny Statues. The craftsmen were so awed by the stony monuments that they drew inspiration for their craft from them, producing Bunny decorations and even simple furniture for their little town…


The practice was handed down to newers craftsmen, but over time the art was lost.


Until, one day, someone found an adorable crate adrift down the river and fetched it out. It was a heavy thing, made entirely of stone, baffling them all - how did this thing ever float along to them?! But it was so very adorable. The mason loved it, drawing inspiration to embellish their existing boring crates with its cuteness


Other craftsmen took to the idea, and so, a new art was born…


Crafter’s Inspiration Sources:

Carpenter: Forest Monsters (Ent, Varanus, Wolf, etc)
Potter: Monkey
Mason: Bunny
Herbalist: Wild Critters (fox, raccoon, squirrel, etc)
Weaver: Pets & Monsters (Goblin, Kobold, Ogre, Orc, Undead, etc)
Blacksmith: Livestock (poyo, rabbit, sheep)
Cook: ???

All recipes are Level 3+

–{Coming Soon to a Mod near you}–


Proceeds to set up a tent and makes camp at the start of the line.

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@Stmpnk Already got a tent for that set up myself, hopefully it won’t take up too much space.

I’ll always support bunny stuff, but I love how you’re branching out with the cute decorations here. Can’t wait to see more!


Ok so we are making a camp here i guess? Sets up the tippi

Those goblins are so awesome kittykat! Are they fluffies? :smile:


They are! That is the Derpgoblin Plushie :cat:


lol those Goblins :smiley:

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Would any of ye lurking campers be upset if I made this a part of another mod instead of its own thing?

I have some other things I was working with under the WIP of “Catclutter”.

It’s fairly similar, though without the theme, and might add other things like new materials (paper, glass, different stones) which would be made via machines produced by the Engineer.

Mostly because I feel I’m more likely to actually push to get either out, if I do both together instead of separate, since it’s the “coding” aspect that is the hardest for me and thus slows me down the most.


As long as all your awesome models finally get into the game, I don’t care too much if you combine some mods :jubilant:


Just tell me where to move my tippi to? :smile:

It sounds like a great idea to combine as much of your awesome work into one mod!

Thanks for your work Kitty :sunny:


It’s your mod, but that’s very considerate of ya to ask. If that makes it easier for ya then by all means go for it!! We’ll all be waiting patiently. :camping:

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