Artisans as a special class

Hey everyone, I’ve been looking through the forums for anything related to this but I didn’t see anything. I think I read before that the game would have a stone mason but I thought it would be cool to have something along the lines of artisans. For as long as humans have been around, there’s always been art.

I thought it would be cool to have something like this in the game to help spice up the streets and houses of our villages and towns. Maybe the artisans can make baskets from wild grasses or make beautiful pottery/ceramics/small statues from clay. I thought it would also be cool if we could design modular mosaics for walls and floors; probably nothing fancy, just a colorful pattern that we can place over and over to cover a surface i.e. floors, walls, domes. Mosaics would make important buildings look great, or even just covering a short thin garden wall would be nice. Maybe artisans could also weave beautiful carpets out of the silk that the weavers spin or big plush pillows for people to relax on.

It would also be cool if they could decorate things like fountains, carve columns or archways, or even paint walls for houses or buildings we want

I thought this would be cool I think I read somewhere that furniture has a special effect on the towns people, maybe these luxury items could too! No one wants to come home to a bland and beige house/village all of the time.

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Yes, this has to be in for sure and on some of the screenshots used for the Kickstarter-campaign one or the other was already visible (like statues, parks, random items outside of houses). Not sure though how the plan is to cover it from a professions point of view. Chaning the floor tiles e.g. was mentioned already and might be related to the carpenter. Carpets to me sound like an item which the weaver can make. I am curious to see if there is enough “left” which will allow for a stand-alone profession for “design”.

So, a stone mason is an example of an artisan. An artisan is a skilled worker typically making things by hand. I don’t think artisan needs to be a separate class, each crafter should be able to make artsy stuff under their own category. Stonemasons can make statues, weavers can make carpets or tapestries, etc. The only decor type stuff that might not fit into something is wall paintings, but i’m sure they have a plan for it.

I was thinking that an artisan can work with all sorts of different materials, not just like a stone mason or a weaver. That way they can cover a larger assortment of resources. They could work a little with fabrics, a little with wood, a little with clay, etc etc etc.

Hm… but this would take away some depth from the other professions, right? E.g. the carpenter would be only responsible for basic floor tiles and the more advanced tiles would require another profession. I could imagine that this can work, but only if the other professions have already a lot of stuff they can produce, so removing one or the other item will not hurt them and if there are enough decorative items which would not fit into another profession. Otherwise it might be just easier to enhance the basic professions and provide them with some upgraded items you can also use later in the game.

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i thought this had been mentioned (at least briefly) before, and it turns out it had… @Miturion discussed the idea of a painter profession in a thread about the Sign Maker…