The reason of a Potter? (maybe to discuss in the next Stream)

Hi all

While watching the streams and the Forum a lot, I started to wonder what is the deeper reason of the potter in relation to gameplay.

  • As the potter can be played by any race…
  • As he, for the Moment, can only craft lamps and storage (same as the carpenter already does)

I believe that many People will not see the potter as someone who is actually adding a lot to the game, apart for some more decoration and fun of diversity.

So what could we do with the potter?

I tend to think that the potter should be a Profession in the game, that is just as in medieval reality, adds “culture” to his People. What do I mean by that and how would that visible in the game.

  • Traditionally, forms of decoration like pots and vases were a sign of cultural Advantage.
  • Also in relation to healthcare, it was healthier to eat Food in plates, glases, dishes whatever then just eat it on the floor.

I think with those two thoughts we could do something similar in Stonehearth. here is my Suggestion

- Add a Moral boost to your people when your town has lots of decorative stuff in general. ( believe you already have somthing like this in mind)

- Add a health buff when your hearthling eats with plates. This would mean that the potter makes plates and your hearthlings take them in their inventory (so you need to extend the current inventory beyond weapon/shield/helmet and add some Slots for civil items)

This way classes like the farmer/blacksmith/weaver that make a lot of sense in relation to the Expansion of your town have a somewhat Counterpart in the potter. Classes like the potter could strenghten your People Moral with Special items. Of course, other decorative items by the carpenter/weaver should also have good effects.


No offence sir, but you might’ve not payed enough attention to the Stream…

The potter is avalable in all races(kingdoms)
But they serve quite a different status in them.

The new race (Rayya’s chuldren i think?) will be suited for deserty environments and will lack in wood suplie, so the potter is an alternative of the carpenter, and uses clay and such to craft items which in this case is pots and furniture.

Sure i can’t really imagine him/her crafting weapons from clay, but they are still early in development and still have a lot of missing craftable items, they’ll probably have doors, beds, windows and more, so it is quite early to jump to the conclusion that the pot and lamp and such are the only sort of things that they’ll make (not only decorations i mean)

Pluse. Tom said that the other Kingdoms will get a potter relatively late than the Rayya’s children; which start with it on the get-go
(And they’ll probably get the carpenter later than the others)

So, yeah, the potter is quite needed, they aren’t really decorators (though they do serve as it as well)

Imagine them as the Rayya’s Children’s version of the carpenter.

And they just need a bit more polishing and adding to get to that point yet

And the reason for the potter?
To bring Rayya’s children to life!!


Ok, I agree that it is way to early to stamp the potter as “just another carpenter class” :grinning:

so, what do you think about adding inventory slots for civil items (like plates to give a buff with eating)?

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As a real mountain dweller I rather make stone chests and maybe pots if clay is in my area. Wood is for me always a extra task to get. Being outside is already meh… I would jump at the change to have underground crops and maybe a smaller source of wood underground as well. (still need it now for tools and beds.)


first thing that came to mind for that was roots…

pinging @yshan and @sdee for my idea of civil Slots. sorry :grinning: