Kickstarter - The Mandate

Hold on to your wallets, as this game in the making seems to have all the right attributes to be epic. This game is set in a galaxy ruled by a mighty empire (based on Tzarist Russia) and you play as a disgraced capitan, who is given a second chance by the new empress to help maintain The Mandate.


The empire is starting to crumble as more and more systems are trying to gain independance because of the recent death of the old emperor, the imperial fleet is missing and the various factions all want a piece of the action.

The promises made by the developers are quite ambitious, from Pirates! in space to Darklands.

The game will have real time ship to ship combat, real time combat on boarding actions, while putting a strong emphasis on the relations with your crew and diplomacy whenever possible.

So far the devs have published a lot of material, including gameplay footage and tech demos, do check out their kikstarter The Mandate by Perihelion Interactive LLC —Kickstarter

If you have a bit more time do also check out this podcast about The Mandate:

Well… they have my money.

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seems like a lot of elements at play here… and while im not that much of a big space ship sorta guy, i like many of the other aspects… and that concept art is stellar (pun somewhat intended)…

will have to do a little more research on this one… :wink:

the story is sounding most interesting…

Well infering from their podcast and gameplay videos you will play mainly on the galaxy map, with events and combat when needed. If you have played Darklands, it’s a very simmilar system.

Also the tech demo features the best damage modeling I ever saw in any space game… I can only speculate how much time went into that shield behaviour.

The game seems to be at the same phase Stoneheart was when they started their kickstarter (or maybe a little further)… I hope they get funded, because they are doing a lot of things right in my book.

Yay… Another game on the unity engine… Anyway it looks pretty good just not my type of game :smile:

Used Google translate for this one I may know good basic Deutsche But I have no Idea what or how to speak Russian (Слава матери мандат!!)
Plus Love the GAME!!!
So thank you very much! :smile:

Was about to post this on the forum today but decided to do a search. I’m donating once I get cash in this weekend. Looks like an awesome game. They’re 6k away from crossing the finish line. Let’s see some stretch goals people!

I don’t get what this is about…do you control ships directly like the X games or Freelancer or is it more indirect like EVE?
Or is it nothing of the above? :grin:

From what I understand space combat will be like eve, but there will also be turn based boarding combat like xcom. The game is supposed to focus around you and your crew.

This game looks quite interesting, I think it’s kinda like Starmade, only in a much larger and more refined scale. However, why is it that it’s based on Tsarist Russia and the guy talking sounded like a doting old grandfather speaking in English?

I think it’s based on the culture not necessarily how it was if that makes any sense. The privilege rank and prestige. The burden of the aristocracy to guide the blind and protect the motherland yada yada.


Your name is LordNevs I would assume you more into aristocracy seeing as you have a title as opposed to communism where all are (theoretically) equal.

Your name is Crobo, so you must have really bad BO.

Your argument is invalid.

Oh crap, I have a really bad cough…

Anti Communism McCarthyism Capitalists Rule Kill Marx Yolo Swag

Er…Ok? So does that mean I’m also a Crow? Either way the Mandate looks fantastic and they made their goal! Woo!

My point is, my username does not dictate what I think or pretend to think .

BAD Andarvi! Because of YOU i have pledge 40 Bucks now -.- … :wink:

Thx for the Info :grin:

Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, they made they goal and are now almost to their first strech goal (600k): Planetary missions and combat.

It will probably be the only goal they hit, but you never know…

I’m more than happy with 1 stretch goal lol