I take Photoshop requests


Hi @8BitCrab! Nice to see you around here again!

I’ve let my imagination go a bit on your submission!

I’d love to see more requests! :smiley:


Just pimping my own new town. This is definitely my favorite work so far! :smiley:

Send in your own pictures for me to shop them! :slight_smile:


i rarely have ‘good looking’ screens of SH, but i suppose this’s the closest i got to one?

edit: oh well, nevermind i didn’t notice the loot and mine icons up there, i suppose this’s unusable (shrugs)

perhaps this is more suitable


Nice city & defence you got there! Looks very cool!

Thanks for your request! :smiley:


Oooooh shiny! Thanks! And i really like how you did the little grass effect there :smiley:



Hey @Doc_Brano lovely showy town you got there! Remember, you can toggle the hud with Alt + Z! :smiley:

@Hyrule_Symbol Thanks! I did some experimenting with grass textures! Good to read that you noticed! :slight_smile:


It been a while since i have put up a screenshot for you @KnightsofFriendship :slight_smile:

Here is one of the goblin thieves approving of my progress…


Hi @Fornjotr! Good to see you again, love your submissions.

Here you go:


can you photoshop your irl face onto a walrus, thanks!


Thanks @ThoroughbredFun that just made my day even better hahaha :jubilant:


I can probably do that yes… can you deliver me your face so I can try it with yours first? :smiley:


just look up a picture of brad pit, that’s close enough


Something like this? :slight_smile:


HAHAHA, OMG AMAZING! Such Craft! Such WoW!


Are there any more Stonehearth-related (or not haha!) requests? :smiley:

Feed me people!


how about these ones,


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


It’s the little moments you remember. I love how the different ‘factions’ interact with (or in this case, clobber) eachother. The other two don’t seem all that fussed that their friend is being attacked.

(Sorry about the health UI - I found the mobs too late, and hiding UI doesn’t help w/ that.


You know what to do :slight_smile: