I take Photoshop requests


Thanks for all your amazing photos!

I’ve added a little speech bubble to it and i’ve changed the color of the fire :slight_smile:

@Artilux Welcome to the topic! I’ve warmed up your town a bit! Hope you like it :smiley:

(very cosy isn’t it?)

Also, I did one myself in my new town!

‘Sleeping in a pumpkin field’

(he is actually badly wounded… lol)

I must say, this topic has come quite far! I have shopped FIFTY of your submissions! Keep it coming! I hope you guys love watching them as much as I do when making them!



Awesome catch there @KnightsofFriendship! makes me wanna go to sleep! :smiley:


got one for you :slight_smile:


Definitely, we enjoy seeing these at Stonehearth Headquarters : ).


I’ve got another for you.

Same scene, different angle.

Work your magic.


I know this is another game, but I love this picture I took. Wanted to see what you think you could do with it.


Hi @Fornjotr ! Sorry that you had to wait! But here is your picture, to stay in the developers trend, I’ve added some speech bubbles! Whoof Whoof!

I really enjoyed your bridges of your cute little town! I also just realised that I’ve always shopped the light fx into the night-time-pictures. Funny to see that the developers are doing the same thing by changing the light fx of the game.

Here you go:

Since I want to keep this topic ‘Stonehearth only’ I didn’t shop your request. Also, the picture you’ve send in is already a very nice shot, nothing to change about it! :smiley:

As always, feel free to send in new request, I still really enjoy making them and to see your town designs!


PS: I’m trying to stream Stonehearth on Twitch for the first time just now. Join me here:Twitch


I got one for you @KnightsofFriendship :smile:!
First time making a request here.


EDIT: I didn’t notice the black bars on both sides of the picture… sorry :sweat_smile:.


Here is a picture of Rayya’s Children! A worker heading to a building that needs to be build!




Hey guys! I’m back with some pictures!

@Stmpnk I (and a lot of others) really loved your submission! Here is your picture:

@CatBreakOut Gotta love your closeups! Very nice. I made the desert a bit hotter:

And the forest looks a bit more dangerous:

I’m looking forward to new requests!

On a side note. I am currently creating a Q&A video for my channel. If you want to ask me anything, just drop your question down here or in the comment section on the video: YouTube


~Rens :smiley:


Haha! I love how you added dialogue and changed the “battle dresses” to blue :heart:. I especially like the leader’s logic towards the situation :joy:.


Love it! :heart: brb setting a new background…


Oh, you said you wanted more? That sounds like music to my ears!

Where are they going? I just see that there are icon at the top left. Is it possible to take those away?

This little guy has a big dream! To conquer my city. It’s going to be a difficult quest though…


Hey @KnightsofFriendship, If you’re still doing this, I’ve got another Farming related pic.

Loved what you did with the last one!


Hey guys! I’m back with your pictures! (had a lot to do lately, but hey, here they are finally!)

@CatBreakOut Here are your videos!

Really liked those!

@thelegorebel I’ve made your little town a bit misty!

Thanks guys! <3


I’m sure you can edit this superb.


Here you go!

Send in new screenshots any time! :smiley:


Hahaha thats great! I’ll send if i can catch in time!


Can I use these for my Stonehearth site?