Hearthling XP and Promotion

actually, this was brought up in a topic I made quite a while back. I don’t know why you say the system punishes switching jobs (the only thing you lose is time, and you can switch back at any time at the same level/xp level you left at).

one of the comments talked about stat bonuses gained from doing jobs, and when you switched jobs, the bonus was reduced, so like a +2 in mind when being a carpenter, but that changing to a +1 if you switch to, say, a footsoldier. the reason you would do that is to, for example, train as a blacksmith, mason, and clothier, gaining +1 mind from each, then switching to carpenter, getting +2 from that and +3 from the others, leading to a carpenter having up to 11 mind, leading them to make a lot more fine goods. or training as several soldier classes to get a bunch of bonuses in body, and making stronger bows (or weapons/armour in a blacksmith’s case), or making stuff in less time (although maybe that can be from faith?)

the system is set up for you to stick a hearthling with a job for a long time in order to really reap the benefits of the job, but there’s nothing punishing you from switching to a new job, other than no longer being the uber job it was before. if anything, if you can max out 2 jobs, you can effectively have a single hearthling do 2 different jobs by himself, by just switching back and forth when he needs to. frees up a citizen spot when you don’t need a mason/carpenter at the moment. by allotting growth along with their skills from leveling in jobs, you can make some really good hearthlings, even if at first they were 2/3/2 hearthlings or, heaven forbid, 1/1/1 hearthlings.

the “punishment” is the fact that they keep the exp, so leveling a cook up to level one will take as much exp as it would have to level the farmer to level 3…

make sense?


that wasn’t just how much 1 level of the cook needed? I’ve never made a cook (bugs with the cook’s food and such, never got to that point as of late), but is that not because leveling once as a cook is the same as leveling 3 times as a farmer? or after leveling 3 times as a farmer, does it take as much for every other job too, i.e. it takes the same amount of xp to get a lvl 1 carpenter or hunter as a lvl 1 cook after getting 3 levels in farming

basically, I just assumed a tier 2 job (cook, shephard) would require more xp to level than a tier 1 job simply because the xp required was set differently, not that if you leveled 3 times as a farmer and then switched to another tier 1 job instead of a cook, you would require more xp than normal. or, in simpler terms, I thought the job ranked up, not the hearthling themselves leveling up, and higher tier jobs just so happened to be harder to rank.

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levels are applied across all the classes… meaning the exp needed to level keeps getting higher… so say you had a farmer level 3 and then upgraded it to a cook… it would be level 3 and the cooks levels would be 4-5-6 ect… meaning it would continue to require more exp the more levels it gained independant of what its class is when it gained those levels.


[quote=“Ridesdragons, post:20, topic:18498”]
not that if you leveled 3 times as a farmer and then switched to another tier 1 job instead of a cook, you would require more xp than normal. or, in simpler terms, I thought the job ranked up, not the hearthling themselves leveling up, and higher tier jobs just so happened to be harder to rank.
[/quote]you described it much better then i could have… but yes, unless things have recently changed, its the hearthling that levels up, not the job.

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@Ridesdragons, trying to understand your post here, let me give some actual numbers:

XP required per level:

Lvl	|	XP
1	|	100
2	|	215
3	|	355
4	|	460
5	|	588
6	|	718
7	|	851
8	|	985

So, to get to a cook, first you have to get to a level 2 famer (315 XP points), then change your Hearthling to a Cook. Your cook is now level 0 (apprentice), and needs to get 355 XP just to reach level 1 cook. To become a level 6 cook, they would need to get 3,957 while being a cook, as opposed to 2,436 to get to a level 6 farmer directly.

Edit: You could keep going, by the way, if you wanted to make your master cook a carpenter, you could, but you would need to get 1,122 XP just to reach level 1, so after a certain number of levels it becomes much more difficult to keep changing jobs.


nah I got it, it’s the hearthling that levels up, not his job rank.

which is a bummer, I can see why people may not be happy when it comes to tier 2 jobs, or, heaven forbid, tier 3 jobs.

just imagine trying to rank a job that required 4 levels in shepherd, which requires 4 levels in trapper iirc. it’d be a nightmare lol


Nope, just a level 2 trapper, but your point is valid. When we find out what comes after Shepherd in the promotion tree, it will be very hard to level it up unless the system changes.


If i’m not mistaken the way it works right now, the cook gets more exp per item crafted than the farmer does for harvesting/tilling to help offset the higher level requirements.


You would be correct (just looked through stonehearth.smod), and I guess that makes sense. Higher tiered jobs grant more XP to encourage you to promote up to it and keep gaining levels, and discourage you from gaining multiple levels of different professions at the same tier.


so I get how it’d work for crafting jobs, but what about other types of jobs? like military or (I guess the term would be) gathering jobs? I mean, I don’t even know how shepherds work to begin with, it took a week before my shepherd had harvested any wool, and by that point Mary had 16 lambs following her around town (lvl 6 compassion 2 OP). would the siege crossbowman get more xp per kill than the light crossbowman? what about siege engine engineers? since hearthlings don’t maintain any bonuses between class-ups or class-changes, it might be better to not switch your unit’s solely because it’ll take longer to get them up to speed, and by then they might have died. having some kind of bonus from previous jobs would be nice, and would balance out the xp punishment of switching jobs.

also, this reminds me of a potential exploit - you said xp remained with the hearthling, not the job, correct? if so, what’s stopping me from bringing a hearthling’s xp 1 away from leveling by crafting tons of windows as a carpenter, and then switching him to a footman who gains a level immediately after killing a goblin, and then repeating that for easy footman levels? or are levels the only thing maintained, and all excess xp is lost upon changing classes?

also I noticed, this is reeeaaaally derailing this post, maybe we should put this elsewhere lol

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As you wish…

Nope, the devs covered this one, your XP resets when you promote someone, so this isn’t possible.

Each job gains a certain amount of XP for different tasks.
For example, the trapper:

"xp_rewards": {
    "befriend_pet": 40,
    "unsuccessful_trap": 5,
    "successful_trap": 10

The Farmer:

"xp_rewards": {
    "base_exp_per_harvest": 4,
    "stonehearth:pumpking_crop": 10,
    "stonehearth:corn_crop": 30,
    "stonehearth:crops:tester_crop": 120,
    "stonehearth:crops:tester_crop_2": 120

The Shepherd:

"xp_rewards": {
    "tame_animal": 40,
    "harvest_animal_resources": 50,
    "harvest_animal": 60,
    "feed_pasture": 50

The footman:

"xp_rewards": {
    "base_exp_per_hit": 10

I am honestly not sure how they would deal with XP for fighting classes, but it could be as simple (as you suggest) of more XP per hit for a higher tiered fighter than a lower tiered one.

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all exp is lost on changing classes… only levels are kept… if you got up to 299/300 exp that 299 would be lost if you switched classes.

it’d be tough for engineers to level, though, as they only have a use during sieges, and during sieges, you don’t want amateurs messing with your huge expensive equipment lol. especially in such a crucial spot. I suggested “training fields” before that would allow soldiers to gain xp by time spent training, so they wouldn’t get slaughtered once they step out to slay their first goblin, so that could allow your engineers to make themselves not-useless when you actually need them for once, but I haven’t gotten any word if that’s actually gonna be a thing or not… and even “xp per hit” isn’t very useful if you rarely ever, you know, hit anything

well if the engineers are the ones who make the siege machines, i would expect them to get a good amount of exp from each siege machine they created…


oh, I meant the ones who maintain/use the engines. catapults don’t just fire rocks for no reason, they are manned by 2-3 people. trebuchets can easily have large teams of engineers manning them. unless stonehearth will treat siege engines as autonomous creations that move around and act on their own like golems, like other medieval war games do (like stronghold and such).

i understood that, but the way i see it i would think that the engineers would both create and man the siege engines…

but i guess only time will tell…

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true, it’s not like they’re in the game right now.

… unless there’s some secret that I’m not in on.




######Shhhh @8BitCrab, you can’t give away all our secrets!