Hearthling XP and Promotion

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Shhhh @8BitCrab, you can’t give away all our secrets!
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Sorry if this is necroing the thread…

So I switch my level 5 farmer to cook. She’s now a level 3 cook. But most of the time she works as a farmer, but she doesn’t gain any levels in farming. Why?

Farming is a skill that is increased, not a profession?

once she is a cook she will stop farming, or so it should be. Are you sure she is not just picking stuff up from the farm, she needs for cooking?

or did you made her a farmer again? she cant have 2 jobs ad once.

if you open up the hearthlings overview you can check what she is doing.

@lios cooks will help with farming if they have nothing to cook, although i believe they don’t do planting of crops, only the harvesting crops.

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