Question about the retired job

First of all I want to apologize, because I haven’t found a similar topic, even though it probably already exists.
What I want to know is: A hearthling retired of some job continue to be beneficiated from the retired job ailities?
For example: I read on a thread at the steam forums that is recomended to you before assign someone to be a warrior, to make them know at least one lvl in herbalist (that one that recovers health over time). Does this works?
What I’ve noticed is when you assign other job to a hearthling, his abilities from the prior job remains but all them are grey, so I deduced that these abilities does not work out, unless the hearthling is assigned to the job, right?

From what I’ve seen, prior jobs do not matter by default. You might get some slight health bonus per total job level, but the skill bonuses go away.

The only exceptions are that cooks can still farm and clerics might still be able to heal. I’m not 100% sure on clerics.

OH, i didn’t know that the cooker still farming. Thanks for the answer. Yeah i think that the hp bonus is permanent, but the job skill is “out of service” when it’s not the corresponding job. Cheers!

clerics still <damn how much can you mess up a a word?> do treatment in bed yes. Which is rather weird as they have bloody magic to do the work.

The cook still farms; but they don’t get the “farmer’s bonuses” (faster speed, greater yield).

Because they don’t get the “greater yield” bonus, you want to keep your cooks busy cooking so that they don’t farm (so that your actual farmers do the farming and you get more from the same plants).

Nice hints! Thanks everyone.

The only thing I have seen in my experimentation that a hearthling keeps from it’s prior job is added max health. Using the cook/farmer examples, a level 1 farmer receives an increase to speed, but then looses it when changed to another job. The reason the game allows the cook to farm isn’t because they were promoted from farmer, but because the cook’s abilities include farming, so if you promoted a farmer to trapper, the trapper wouldn’t have farming abilities because the trapper job does not include that ai pack.

One that I’m not %100 sure of at the moment, a trapper get’s a backpack size increase at level 4, and I don’t know if that carries over when you change the trapper to another job. My guess is that it doesn’t due to ai packs (I don’t want to go full coding/modding explanation because this isn’t posted to one of those categories, but I can if anyone wants), but I haven’t fully tested in the game to see if that is true or not.

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RE the trapper’s backpack: they will lose the increased backpack size when you demote them, it’s hard coded into the class

Thanks, I thought so, I just wasn’t 100% sure.

Hearthlings retaining the healing aura after promoting to another class after cleric was a bug that the dev have corrected. One nice thing is that you can switch back to an old job and maintain the abilities you have already unlocked.

This is especially helpful in later game play. For example your mason gets killed, your potter can revert back to mason to make items until you get another mason going.