Do Job Skills Carry Over?

Like say if I had a lv 3 Farmer, and promoted them to cook. Would they still be able to coax a greater yield from plants when helping in the fields?

If I have a lv 4 Trapper, does the shepherd still get a +8 Inventory?

nope ^^ the skills will be deactivated - just tested with an lvl1 farmer (+10% speed) ^^

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As of right now classes do not carry over skills when they are promoted. I think this is something that should be looked into.

The only thing that seems to carry over is the total experience earned (from the previous level earned), making it harder to level up newly promoted classes.


From what I’ve seen skills do not carry over but health does. This being said is why when you promote a hearthling their experience requirement stays the same from your previous job


Great observation! I knew of this but it slipped my mind! :smile:


I was playing through Alpha 12 and made the mistake of promoting my level 4 farmer to mason so I could quickly get a level and craft the cook’s spoon. That did not go well. I made like 50 stone walls before I remembered how promoting works and then promptly made someone else the mason. I guess maybe I should be punished for doing that but the current ease of changing jobs doesn’t make it seem like it’s bad/wrong to do what I did.


This explains so much. I wasn’t aware of that and now I know why some of my hearthlings take so long to advance. Usually by the time I’m ready for a shepard, my trapper is level 6 :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think this makes any sense. Why shouldn’t skills carry over when they can (+inventory space, +speed)?

well to me it makes sense, not so much with the speed part, but with the inventory part,

even if its not the case in-game, in a realistic point of view the trapper would actually equip a bigger backpack, not just magically be able to carry more stuff, so when they become a footmen they wouldn’t want to carry around that pack as it would be a hassle when fighting.

did that make any sense?

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Do you know if trapper pets carry over when having a Shepherd? I thought they used to in earlier versions b/c when I promoted the pets would still be around but with 2611 and the prev version my pets kinda poofed when I promoted my trapper

i actually dont know…

[quote=“CptPancakeBooty, post:10, topic:16689”]
my pets kinda poofed when I promoted my trapper
[/quote]but if thats the case i’m guessing they dont… paging @yshan for confirmation on whether pets disappear when the trappers job is changed.

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I hope not, because I really enjoyed having little creatures running around my village. ;_;

I hope that someone makes a mod for little pet beds/houses so they can stay even more in the village. 8)


i will test it xD give me some time ^^

edit: my bunny is still alive ^^ sooo nope they dont disappear^^


Pets stay :slight_smile: My trapper carried over her little fox named Fred. He still eats random jerky off the ground all the time and runs around the farms.

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The interaction between Farmer and Cook is weird in regard to this.

From the testing I’ve done, promoted Cooks will still harvest planted plants, and they will even till and prepare ground, but they won’t plant new plants – that takes a Farmer. So you need to have a backup Farmer ready when you promote your first Farmer up to Cook.

Shepherds definitely keep their Trapper pets if they have one.


hmm… cooks are supposed to help farmers with the harvesting, but the tilling of the ground seems more like a bug…

@Albert @sdee @yshan, are cooks supposed to till the ground?

From the stream I watched, actually, planting new plants is still a “task” , so this could have been a subspecies of the idle hearthling bug.