Working on my very first mod....ever

Hey guys

I am currently working on my first ever mod for a game, got to say, when the code works I am loving it. There are no problems with it just yet, I have successfully added in new items and recipes and am quite proud of myself, I am not a programmer…

I am now thinking of how to add a class into my mod, without actually adding a class into my mod. I have read around and it seems very difficult and not particularly mod friendly, unless this has changed but I have yet to see an update on adding a new class.

So I am looking at other ideas. I was wondering if, when you promote a farmer to a cook, do they still farm? This would just be good to know anyway whilst playing the game, but could come in useful when I come to “adding” my “class”.

Any info would be great, hoping to share my very first mod on here when it is done, but until then, it will remain a surprise :smiley:



I believe they still do in their spare time, if memory serves…

form what ive noticed as long as there are no items in the cooks que they will

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So if you gave a trapper another job to do whilst he/she does his/her usual trapping duties there is the potential that they could do both?

Thanks for the replies :smile:

for the time being everyone seems to do everything but they tend to be a bit more focused on the class job of thires. once the new system if added they might be more focused

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