I need help with my first quick mod

My Problem:
I am able to model items but where I struggle is the setting up of the mod I can make it in to a .smod from zip and everything but I did something wrong I am just doing a quick test mod to see if I am doing everything write which I am obviously doing something wrong but I do not know what. I will send the attached files and if you could explain anything I did wrong please do! I am unable to craft the item I made with my cook it does not show in the cooks recipe list either I have no idea what I did wrong other then I goofed.

What the mod is about:
The mod I am making is a simple mod it just creates and MRE for a food item crafted by the cook I made it simple to craft and eventually I will figure out how to make crafting more complex but for now it is going to be left simple. It is a high satisfaction and cheap meal I made a quick texture and I just want to see if I can get it working with help.

You could upload your mod here, and we will take a look at it for you. :slight_smile:
Or, if you’d rather want, you could PM it to me instead.

Someone else pm’d me about it and they are helping me through it showing me how much I missed

Getting help from someone is good, but one thing I also recommend is download other mods that do what you want to do (such as add new items and recipes) and look at their code to see how they accomplish that.