Please check my Mod(Newbie)

Hi! Just new in Modding and I have watched tons of video on how to do it and of course tutorials

So please help me with my mod. Every time I place it on MOD folder the game wont work as in black screen with music playingstartermod_basic.smod (229.7 KB)

Thank you so much in advance

Don’t use uppercase, you will just dig yourself doing it.

Besides that, your recipe is trying to create a pigbank, and there is no pigbank in your alias.

All upper case?

Forgot to remove the pigbank. Ok I made the changes

So now here it is. startermod_basic.smod (18.4 KB)
It still doest work. I just want to know will it be shown to the game first not actually made or use. So do I have to do the recipe and the mixins?

Thank you

Your recipe is trying to create a pigbank

"produces": [

Thanks, Ive already fix it. now I made another mod…

Hmmm…can you check it please?

wizard_green_af.smod (14.7 KB)

The problem now it is not being read in the game

Thank you for your patience!!

Help please!

My new mod now has a new bug. Trying to make it craft able

wizard_green_helm_af.smod (27.6 KB)

and the bug

And also the name in the blacksmith selection is wrong

Thank you in advance

"produces": [
		"item": "wizard_green:armor:wizard_green_helm"

It is the wrong alias name.

Yup, I figure it out now!

Im testing the mod now hopes it works!

Thank you so much