Glassworks [1.2.2]

Hello, everyone!

I’m here to finally release the mod I’ve been working almost full time for more than a month!
It has been a very nice journey of discovery and learning and I’m really excited to bring you…


Glassworks is a huge mod that - in summary - adds a whole new industry, a lot of products and items related to that industry, a new profession (the Glassmith), tools, workbenches and resources and several additions to already existing professions.

In terms of construction, Glassworks covers pretty much all windows and doors in the game in a wide range of colors (21 in total), plus new stone windows based on the wooden tier.

On top of that, there is also the addition of new (and reimagined) furniture made of glass, several decorations like goblets, pitchers and flower pots and even the possibility to find and work Obsidian - the legendary ‘dragon glass’ - that opens up a whole new set of powerful weapons and armor matched with the Legendary gear from Stonehearth.

Glass making is meant to be a mid-end game profession and, as such, it is locked behind a slightly larger complexity than your average professions, with basic and simple things being very easy to obtain but a lot of cool and more advanced recipes and possibilities like stained glass, black & white glass, new stone windows, new doors, beautiful arch windows with colorful stained glass panels and customized 1x1 small stained glass panes that can be used to create “pixel artwork” in windows.

To promote a Glassmith you need someone with experience and knowledge on working furnaces, which means a level 2 Blacksmith, and a Glassmith’s Blowpipe, crafted by the blacksmith. The Glassmith can use things crafted by the potter (doors & windows, molds), carpenter (doors & windows, molds) and mason (windows and metallic salts). There are also some additions to the blacksmith that can be very helpful like burning charcoal for coal and wood ash and herbs for soda ash.


This is not as simple as most professions. Although the major part of micromanagement will be handled automatically by your workers and the glassmith itself, you’ll still have to deal with time-restraints, logistics and the acquisition of materials that can be rather complicated to come by.

The first thing you’ll have to understand is how the profession basically works. Glass is melted on the main furnace and from there it is transformed into globs that can be worked and shaped as desired through other recipes. The catch here is that globs can (and will!) cool down and solidify - so you’ll need another workbench (which is actually a storage) called the Glory Hole Furnace.

Inside of a Glory Hole you can indefinitely store molten glass globs to be used whenever you need.

Most recipes will use the glass globs; Pretty much all windows and doors will requires glass sheets while glassware (like vases) will require the globs directly. Both of them: Glassware and Glass Sheets will come out as hot versions of the final item, however, and will need to be properly cooled down before being used. To cool down a piece of glassware or a glass sheet, you must use another workbench that is also a storage: the Annealing Forge.

Once there, the hot items will remain for some hours (the more complex the item the longer it takes) until it cools down and can be used. Please note that hot glassware that cools down too fast (outside of an annealing forge) will shatter and break, becoming cullet - glass remains that must be remelted.

Finally, there are several types of things. The 3 basic types of glass are:

  • Green Forest Glass (Fine Sand + Wood Ash)
  • Amber Forest Glass (Fine Sand + Wood Ash)
  • Colorless Glass (Fine Sand + Soda Ash + Calcium Salts)

There are also two basic types of glass sheets:

  • Crown Glass easier to make, more rustic ‘medieval glass’.
  • Flat Glass prettier and clearer flat glass.

And finally there are 21 total colors of glass, counting the 3 basic types. All other colors are obtained through a combination of Colorless molten glass + different minerals and metallic salts that you can obtain through mining or through the refining of ores with the Mason.


:green_heart: Common
:blue_heart: Uncommon
:yellow_heart: Rare
:heart: Very Rare


  • Sand :green_heart:
  • Minerals :green_heart:


  • Sand :green_heart:
  • Minerals :green_heart:
  • Calcium Salts :blue_heart:
  • Obsidian Shards :heart:
  • Raw Obsidian :heart:


  • Minerals :blue_heart:

Copper Ore

  • Copper Salts :green_heart:
  • Cobalt Salts :blue_heart:

Tin Ore

  • Tin Salts :green_heart:
  • Minerals :blue_heart:

Iron Ore

  • Iron Salts :green_heart:
  • Manganese Salts :green_heart:
  • Nickel Salts :blue_heart:
  • Chromium Salts :yellow_heart:
  • Titanium Salts :yellow_heart:

Silver Ore

  • Nickel Salts :blue_heart:
  • Obsidian Shards :yellow_heart:
  • Raw Obsidian :heart:

Gold Ore

  • Obsidian Shards :blue_heart:
  • Raw Obsidian :yellow_heart:


Glassworks is not yet finished. There are other things I’d like to add to it but couldn’t yet either because of time or yet-to-be-developed/learned skills. These are, mostly:

  • Colored light through glass
  • Quest campaigns to unlock stained glass (Order of Cid / Temple of the Monkey)
  • More furniture
  • More Glassware
  • Variations for stained glass stuff
  • Custom animations for blowing glass, working the crucible, etc.


Glassworks requires the Dani’s Core Mod to function.
Steam Workshop / Direct Download (Older versions)

The mod also adds a lot of entities (items) and recipes to pre-existing Stonehearth professions, a new profession and some mixintos to many Stonehearth files. As long as no other mod does a lot of overrides it should be compatible with any other mods.


This mod is completely compatible with Stonehearth’s localization, it is in English (en) by default but also includes a Brazillian Portuguese (pt-BR) translation.

Steam Workshop / Direct Download (Older versions)


(November 13th, 2018) v1.2.2

  • Fixed the issue with the Glassmith’s Bench. AGAIN!!! This time for good!
  • Slightly increased the drop rates for some salts. They still only drop on actual ore nodes, though.
    For example, if you want Titanium salts, you need to mine iron ore blocks.
  • Added Large Pots for all salts and Large Urns for all ashes and common minerals. These work like resource piles, you have to harvest them for their resources, and once they are finished you get the empty pot or urn as a drop.
  • Added recipes for such pots and urns. They can be bought from Town Level 3 Traders but you can also craft your own if you wish. Potters will craft the urns and masons will craft the pots - as weird as this sounds. :stuck_out_tongue:

(November 11th, 2018) v1.2.1

  • Fixed the issue with the Glassmith’s Bench. Again. Hopefully for good now!

(September 23rd, 2018) v1.2

  • Fixed the issue with the Glassmith’s Bench where it would sometimes stuck the crafter.
  • Fixed the issues/typos that were preventing mining drops to function as intended. You should now notice a much increased dropping rate of everything; sand, salts and Obsidian. Please note that Obsidian is intentionally rare and will very rarely (if ever) drop from regular rock. For more promising prospects of finding it, you should seek Silver and Gold ore veins. They have a much increased chance of dropping it.
  • Added three new pieces of storage/furniture, one for each basic crafter (Potter, Mason and Carpenter). These new shelves can hold up to 128 items but only salts or flakes, becoming a very efficient way to storage your overflow of salts. Please note that they require glass pots to be crafted.

(July 30th, 2018) v1.1

  • Fixed the issue where the stone windows added by Team Radiant would be overriden by my own Stone Windows.
  • Removed the Stone windows from the Mason. Entities have not been removed to not break existing saves.
  • Changed all the glass stone windows, arch window and glass arch windows to the new stone furniture style created by Team Radiant.
  • Added a recipe to make sand from stone for the mason and one to make sand from clay for the potter. Both operate on a 2:1 ratio and should fix the issue of the mining loot tables not working for certain biomes.
  • Added support for specific biomes including the new official biome (Arctic) and some popular mods like Archipelago Biome, Savanna, Lorki’s, Canyon Biome, White Cliffs, etc.
  • Significantly increased the drop rate of sand on all biomes.
  • Slightly increased the drop rate of Obsidian on mining and significantly increased it for gold and silver ore nodes. Now you have a reason to go hunt them ores :merry:
  • Fixed some stuttering and crafting issues.
  • Fixed a couple of localization issues.

(June 12th, 2018) v1.0.1

  • Added support to all hot items for the new functionality in the Core Mod. No more cooling glass
    inside chests, I see you!
  • Added a Wooden Glassmith’s Sign. They were jealous of all the other crafters’ pretty signs.
  • Fixed a bug where the female Glassmith’s looked like an eldritch horror.
  • Took the opportunity to apply the same fix to all female Obsidian armor.
  • Fixed the model origin on the Emerald-Green Goblet
  • Fixed an issue where anything could be placed on the Annealing Forge. Crafters, behave!

(June 12th, 2018) v1.0

  • Initial release

Credits, License & Contacts included in the ‘readme’ file.
Special thanks to Max, BrunoSupremo and Relyss!

That’s it!
It was a wonderful ride and I’m really excited to finally share it with everyone!
I hope you like it and let me know what you think, suggestions and all :slight_smile:



(Sorry for double post - I want to share some curiosities and fun tidbits of ‘history’ I stumbled upon while working on the mod!) :smile:

That sounds amazing! Can’t wait to try it!


OK I gotta see this… Not just in game but on the back and too :’)

(I had the idea for hot material cooling down for an eventual blacksmith overhaul too, so I’m curious how you achieved it)

Too bad working life is in the Way first :’)

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Thank you so much for your help! Without you it wouldn’t have been possible :slight_smile:

Well, I think I might have good news for you, then!
The “Cooling system” is actually a separate mod (Dani’s Core Mod) exactly for the purpose of now being a tool to be used by other people, if they wish. So feel free to tackle that blacksmithing overhaul using it if you ever feel like it and would appreciate a shortcut :slight_smile:

I’m trying to get some glass screenshots!
I’ve been so obsessed with working on the mod that I just realized I didn’t actually get any good screenshots. I’ll be adding some to the workshop page in the coming days but any “submissions” here would be appreciated as well :slight_smile:

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Cool! I’ll let you know if I ever get to it :’) (too many ideas to do all at once problem, too little time)

Yeah I know this problem, have that with my nordlings mod aswell :’) still don’t have good screenshots lol

Edit: also: how did you make the 3d look around example you have on the steam workshop?

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Alright! Got some screenshots. Will probably get more soon!

It’s Sketchfab! A pretty cool site for sharing 3D artwork!
You can upload directly from Qubicle, if you have it, or manually if not.

Then on your Workshop mod’s page, when uploading pictures, there’s a field where you can place the link of sketchfab models.

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This looks amazing! :star_struck:
I will put it on my translation to-do list!

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Aesthetic Overload :exploding_head:!!!
Pops out some few cogs and sprockets then proceeds to fainting… slowly.

Since I can’t repeatedly destroy the like button. You deserve it~


wow wow wow :smiley: that’s amazing something many waited to use :smiley:

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Shut up and take my money. It’s so cool


This is really a great mod!
I found a few things that you might want to take a look at:

The cooling shelf seem to accept finnished products from other classes aswell.

The outfit for the glasssmith has some issues aswell:

But all in all this is such a cool project you have made @DaniAngione! I love the whole cool down function and i took this picture during a thunderstorm where i waited for my first glass to cool down:

Thank you! :merry: :heartpulse:


Heya! Thanks for the reports :slight_smile:

Yep, I’ve seen it happen last night as well. It seems to start happening after the latest updates (A24+) when they optimized the inventory things. Annealing Forges are basically Output Bins and apparently the new inventory is overriding the filters IF they have “All” selected. I think I can bypass this by making them Input Bins instead, just like the Glory Hole furnaces :slight_smile:

Well, that’s unusual. I have two glassmiths on my test game (one of each gender) and their outfits seem okay :thinking: I’ll take a look, hopefully just re-exporting the model should be fine

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:



Alright, good news!

I just figured out the female Glassmith’s uniform weirdness. It is probably the same issue that happened here:

As for the other issues, I’ll try what I said…
Also found a couple of bad bounding boxes/model origins in some glassware and will be fixing that too…

Aaaaand probably add something that I completely forgot: our Glassmith needs a wall sign too, right? :smiley:

I should push a fix soon™

New version uploaded
All things should be smoother now.

Please note that any annealing forges that are already placed should probably be rebuilt for the changes to take effect!


Boy, do I know that feel. My current Miner mod screenshot is crap, it’s literally me running a test on them in my microworld. Not that I had any better ideas… Now that I’m working on my next mod, the only changes I make to the miner are bug fixes.

Very nice mod, I’ll try it once I actually have time to play the game :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey there! I love your mod, it’s awesome. How long is Annealing supposed to take? Mine has been hot for days and it’s still “too hot”. I did not have this issue in the forest world while playing but I am having it in the dessert…

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Hmmm, this does sound like an issue. Different items have different times but none of them is over a day, so something is definitely wrong. Would you mind sharing a bit of information?
Which item is it, can you cool any other items or all of them are failing to cool?

All of them were failing to cool. (Amber and Green glass panes and some flower pots.) I don’t know a lot about programming but I’d say it had something to do with timing in general as my poor glass blower left a glob of molten glass on the ground for a few hours and it did not cool either…

Thanks for the report :slight_smile:
I made a quick test game in the desert and my stuff seems to be cooling down normally, however…

So maybe it’s a different issue unrelated to the biome?
Might I ask if you were using any other mods (and which ones)?
And if possible, I could also try taking a look at your savegame :blush:

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