Crafting Recipe: Glass Related Objects (SUGGESTION)


My idea is to add windows and other glass related objects which could be used in game for decoration and other uses.


To make glass, you will need 6 sand. Then, you need to put the sand in a furnace. You will now have crafted glass! Glass will come in the form of a semi-transparant whitish block. You could use glass in many different ways.


To make a window, you will need 4 glass and 4 sticks. You put the ingredients in a Workbench, and viola! You’ve just created a window!

Windows will come in a 2x2 glass block with wood bordering the outside of the block.


Those are all my ideas related to glass. I know he list is not big, but hey!

Thank you for your time!

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in all the screenshots and mockups, we havent seen glass yet, but we have seen window openings… glass is an obvious natural progression (although depending on the timeframe they’re aiming for, the type of glass we might have wouldnt be very pretty :tongue:)…

i do like your recipe though, in that its very simple, and not overly tedious to produce… sand + furnace = glass pane… glass pane + wood = framed window

drop the framed window in the outbox and my builders can slap it into my design… :smile:


Thanks for your opinion.

Small question, for the obtaining of sand, do u intend for it to be like dwarf fortress, with a infinite amount of sand at a collection point, or involve mining it and possibly running out if over used.

I imagine the running out would only be theoretical
no place I ever knew has a shortage of sand if you dig deep enough.

I think glass - especially for windows, the glass on lanterns (and goggles!) - is especially necessary for the game. However, I’m curious if glass would actually need to be produced before working with the product. The sand piece makes absolute sense. However, I’m torn between:

  • Wooden planks were removed from the game in one of the livestream discussions in order to simplify craftables. Instead of needing to produce large quantities of cut wood to make that fancy chair - simply gather the nearby wooden logs and extend the crafting time for something more elaborate. i.e. the wooden boards would be prepared while creating the item as a part of the process.
  • However, it may not make sense, in the same respect, for the carpenter (who would potentially be the one making the window) to have the ability to create glass himself. I’m not sure if a glassblower class has been considered, or who would make sense to prepare the glass on behalf of the other crafters that would look to use the product.

Anyway, interesting topic @EpicDwarf. I guess my final thought on this point is that if there is not enough ‘recipes’ or purposes for glass, it may make sense that the glass just ‘shows up’. This would be similar to the copper tacks and banding that showed up on the art for the level 1 carpenter workshop (as I doubt you’ll need to gather these products to actually produce these items).

why not to create an entire tech tree around glass?
starting with a simple glass cutter with his own work shope (i hate the idea of crating a glass just by putting a send in a furnace) that can create basic things like a simple window, who can develop to a glass artist who makes glass sculptures etc.

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The problem with glass is that Qubicle doesn’t support transparent blocks. I guess you could have a similar design to vanilla Minecraft glass and leave the ‘transparent’ parts empty but you then have to code it so it acts like there are blocks there and that sounds complicated. But even then, this would only apply to windows and if we start making a fully blown section of tech tree around glass-blowing then that would need a different approach again.

the developers said that they want to add water simulation to the game and if you think about it glass is just like water just more transparent and steady, so glass should be easier to implement then water.
of course i could be wrong but it sounds logical.

Whoever said water will be transparent? It’s just an important point to make for that argument as they could just go pale blue for it.

you are right, but i will be disappointed if this is the case. :frowning:

Mmm the main problem right now it’s that there’s no specific crafter for glass, ususally, it’s made by special crafters that can combine them to make glass with colors and with tons of shapes for diferent purposes.

I’d suggest that the Blacksmith can be the starter crafter to make just glass, then , it can be used as a RAW material for other workers like the carpenter (who would make the windows) or the blacksmith again! who can make bottles with the RAW glass.

@dfre19 for the transparency problem, i think that it can be solved rendering inside the game with some coding… the example you have made with minecraft it’s perfect.

And @jonyon54 the idea of making a whole tech tree with glass it’s really tempting… buti think that there should be things that need a specific worker, and things that don’t, and in my opinion, the glass-blower doesn’t need a specific tree. It all can be done with he colaboration of others workers, and if the workers have some apprentices, it can be done by them too, because the main uses for the glass, are decorative, and creation of small and useful goodies, things that the other workers can craft for sure!

this seems like a reasonable scenario…

im really liking the approach SH is taking with their cooperative classes (this class can build the tools/items necessary to equip this other class), and hope that scenarios like this become even more pervasive…

you might be right, it would make thing simpler, but i prefer glass to have its own tech tree becous of the simple reasen that realistically a blacksmite or a carpenter wont do such work (maybe a carpenter would make the frame for the window but this is it) and such thing would make them very beasy. also realistically even if they make simple things like windos they wont take time from their job just to make art from glass.
also one advantage of a separate tech tree is that the materials wont need to move from one workshop to another, what could make a simple proses take a long time and make it hard to keep track of.
over all its seems to me that a seperate tech tree will make thing more convenient.

The only problem I see is that you’re sacrificing a valuable resource (a worker) in order to produce something for purely decorative purposes…

in one of the livestreams tom introduced a similar problem “way should i build a bed if my people can sleep one the ground?” some people would do it just for the look of the city and others wont, the solution that he came up with is to give bonuses to villagers that sleep in a bed.
it could be the same here, glass sculptures can bring some bonuses, like +x production for people in the city. overall its a way to bring art into the game, you wont spand a lot of stone and time to build a warrior sculptures just for the look of your town (look at kickstarter city picture). another idea is to use stuff like this for trading.
i agree, if its just for decorative purposes its a waste of workers.

Yeah, i think that too

Glass sculptures?? really? i prefer a magnificent statue made in Gold and stone!! Also, instead of statues made of glass, i think it’s much better that the glassblower makes coloured glass, and diferents lamps designs and… well any other thing that i can think of it’s pure aesthetical.

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To be completely honest, I wouldn’t really care either way if this was in the game or not, I think I’d rather them work on other things. However, I could see this being made into an interesting and unique mod.

you right a bad example, but the point is clear. and yes this is exacly what i had in mind.

i dont think it would be necessary in the game as well, but its could add to it, so yea, you right this is not an high priority and can be added as a mode.


Sand can be found underneath dirt and on beaches.