Crafting System

So the current crafting system is good, I like it, but I remember a thing you said about making glass shoes, and how that was a stupid idea but you may still have that option. So I thought and thought. And decided that an easy way to do this was to have the crafting window as a "what can you build, well you have wood, a carpenter, and a workshop, so what do you want to make out of wood?"
At this point you would select carpenter-Joe<)wood<)table<)number/maintain. This would still allow you to click on the carpenter or the worker menu to see what that person can do/see his limit etc. You still need the classes to build what they are meant to, and the skill/level of the crafter would still limit what you can do in the beginning. Then it would also allow you to do things like glassworkerTed<)glass<)shoes<)number/maintain

(can’t show words without parentheses weird…)