Sand and glass for windows

You could border some water with sand that can be melted into glass by the potter for class window.


except for the fact that that wouldn’t be the job of a potter. that’s something more for a blacksmith if anything but even then that wouldn’t really fit. there would need to be a special job created for glass craft which wouldn’t be such a bad idea in of itself to add a new tier of pottery and masonry allowing if glass is available to craft glass panel windows at mastery level and glass craft window panels would be something like tier 2 maybe or tier 1 even.

A class that required TWO levels of experience in previous jobs would be great. So to do glass, they’d have to have completed being an apprentice blacksmith and potter, for example.

This sort of job could be a really “late game” or “high maintenance” job, more difficult to acquire. Either for late game essentials, or purely for aesthetics.


I think the glassblower/glazier/glassmith also has a useful purpose, especially for the quality of life in the glacier biome with the northern alliance. Scince the cold is a big issue there, you don’t want to be sleeping in houses that have holes for windows, like ascendency houses do now.

P.S. maybe he can also learn, eventually, to work with vulcanic glass.


I know @Allie was talking about how much better she thought the houses looked with windows when she was doing concept art and that it gave them a warmth that they were missing. Perhaps the Magma Smith could work with volcanic glass?


The illustration she did really was something else! If only 50% of that vision becomes reality i’d be very happy.

A bit of necro but I was going to create a similar topic so this seemed better.

At the moment giving glassmith’s duties to the Engineer seems a good choice. The class is both high-end and underused and it wouldn’t be completely nonsense for the Engineer to handle glass. The first thing which comes to mind with glass are windows, but converting the Herbalist class to some sort of brewer with laboratory glassware available would be another option. For the whole idea to work adding sand as an additional loot from mining dirt would be necessary. Alternatively, one could think about Quartz nodes or making Quartz an intermediate product between sand and glass (could even be crafted by a different class like Blacksmith or Potter).

My 2 cents;

When I created my glass windows, I made them the potter, as clay is the closest thing to sand, as well as glass has to be blown, like in the potter’s kiln. I can see the blacksmith taking this over, but I feel it’d need a different work station, or the ability to use the potters.

We actually were just having a conversation about this a week or so ago. Many of us want glass, or additions in general to the Potter’s recipes. Not sure if we’d make another material type specifically for glass but it’s possible. Malley had some ideas and it’s probably worth at least investigating! :hammer_and_wrench: