Glassworks [1.2.2]


Thinking it could have to do with Yangz Yings? It adds a painters profession along with several other new items. It is the only “new” mod since I had working annealing… Or at least the only “new” one that messes with anything beyond adding new decor (settlement decor) and a couple of building templates (redsong templates)… will test shortly. Sorry for the delayed reply.
FYI mods I already had upon successfully playing with your beautiful mod include the box o’ vox set, stonehearth cafe, box of many (locks and clothings) and primitive armor :slight_smile:

^.^ I love playing with lots of mods, lag or no it’s just so much more fun!


Hmmm maybe… I’ll try it out when I can :blush:

And thank you! Yes, I love mods as well ^.^ and now I’m really enjoying making them! :blush:

… or at least trying to! :smile:


You’re mod is absolutely one of the best, in considered construction and implementation. It ads a personalization dynamic that I love just a ridiculous amount ^.^ You did good, and you support it, which is also great lol


Curious idea. You may want yo consider the desert biome to slow down the cooling process unless the workshop is underground or in a well-insulated room because of the desert heat.


I know it sounds weird, but in glassmaking terms “cooling” glass is around ~460ºC (something around 860ºF), that is why it is done in a kiln or forge with controlled temperature.

I decided to make it like an open shelf with heat coming from below in my mod for the pleasure (and cuteness!) of watching the red hot glass become usable! It looks cool and it is a way for you to see when things are ready - but in real life the annealing (cooling) process is done in enclosed kilns and forges.

The idea IS to slow down cooling. If it cools down too fast, the internal parts of the glass will still be fluid while the external parts will already be solid, which will result in a mixed, non smooth molecular structure that will result with the glass shattering or being improper for use. The idea of slowing down the cooling by “cooling” in hot temperatures is to make sure that the glass will solidify all at once - internal parts and external parts simultaneously - that way making sure the viscosity of the glass is kept equal on all parts and preventing that piece from becoming cullet - or glass garbage :stuck_out_tongue:

That is why when you let something cool down outside of the annealing forge in my mod, the item breaks - because it actually cooled down too fast :slight_smile:

So, all in all, the desert temperature (or any external temperature for that matter) wouldn’t make a difference for the annealing process since it is meant to be slow and way hotter than any desert anyway :slight_smile:


When you learn more about a trade craft from a videogame than any real life learning material


It was quite fun studying glass to do this mod, to be honest!

I set out to do a simple thing (melt sand, profit) and found out that it is SO MUCH MORE than that. The huge experience and culture around glassmaking (around anything, really) is so interesting and cool that I couldn’t resist, I had to include it somehow.

So I ended up doing quite the “curation” on glass to pick what I could include (and how I could include) that it is kinda sad how much was left out of it. I didn’t want to make it even more complex, though. But it was a nice experience that I plan to share on the second post of this thread (that I left reserved) - all I learned about different ways of making glass, forest glass (wood ash) X soda-lime glass, crown glass X sheet glass, the different metals and chemicals used for coloring it, etc…

Hopefully soon I’ll have time to write about it!




AHAH! I have discovered the error! Somehow the core mod had become unsubscribed and I was trying to run without it. It is now fixed and I’ve learned my lesson… much chagrin to be had on my part. But I love love love your mod!


Looks like there’s a conflict with your Stone Tall Window Frame and the newly added Tall Stone Window Frame from the devs. Don’t know if it’s just a naming thing.


All stone windows, actually - except the crossbeam one. We use the same names on the recipe list :sweat_smile:

I should remove my own to keep it closer to the game style, tho


Having a couple of issues/bugs with Glassworks:

  • the big one is that after finishing any kind of window, door, etc. recipe the glassmith stands at the table and, well, kinda goes into a spasm – moving back and forth rapidly, constantly changing job between crafting the current item and looking for a new task. Cancelling the craft order does drop a completed item, and yet the ingredients aren’t used up.

  • molds seems to count as a raw material of their relevant type (e.g. wooden molds get stored in with logs). This leads to the next issue:

  • because the recipes to put molten glass into a mold doesn’t have a specified workstation associated with it, my glassmith has a habit of carrying the molten globs across town to the carpenter’s workshop, putting them in the mold and then dropping them right there. This results in a lot of failed glassware, since the hot items are so far from the annealing forges that they never get carried over. This wasn’t an issue when I had a log storage near the glassmith’s workshop (at the time I had my blacksmith’s forge close by), but as soon as I moved my log storage it became a consistent problem. The easiest solution, aside from moving all the molds into the “glassware” category rather than their constituent materials, would be to make the molding process use one of the workstations so that the task always happens in/near the workshop where all the workstations are.

  • one final thought: the profession of working with glass is commonly referred to (at least in English) as a “glazier”, the word “glassmith” feels a bit odd and makes auto-correct freak out hahah.

Now, with all the minor gripes out of the way, I’d like to take my chance to say thanks for this mod, and express how absolutely amazing it is! I’ve dreamed of this mod, and at one point even thought I’d like to try making pretty much the exact same thing myself eventually. I was excited when I saw your teasers, and now that I’ve played around with the mod, I have to say the hype is real and well-deserved. Your attention to detail is amazing; right down to the transparent voxels in doors and windows – the first time I saw through one of your doors at “hearthlings’ eye view” and could see the room inside I nearly squealed with joy! There’s a deep sense of satisfaction from those little details, and the fact that the glassmaking is a heavily involved process but the result is extremely customisable so it feels fair/balanced. In fact, I plan to gradually replace the windows across my town with glazed versions as a sign of progress, and I’m seriously considering the idea of taking a master glassmith when I re-embark just so I can have glazed windows from the get-go.

You’ve done an amazing job, and as you keep polishing it (hehe) I’m super keen to see the future of this mod :jubilant:


Oh! That’s quite the amazing feedback :merry:

Let me try to cover all the points :slight_smile:

Yes, others have started reporting this after the beta update, it happens to some and never to others and I’m having a hard time tracking it down :glum: I noticed (although not confirmed) that some rotations of the bench cause it more often so I suspect it might have to do with the oddly shaped collision box it has (it’s an L). I’ll try to fix it for 1.1!

Oh! I experienced this as well but didn’t realize it was the mold. Ugh! Thank you very much! I guess I could make the molds glassware so they would be kept close to glass - or maybe even make them require the furnace as a station. And there should be input filters for molds, as well.

I love that word, glazier! :merry: During my research for the mod I came across many names, some of which (like glazier) were great and some of which (like lampmaker) felt way off. Other candidates were: Glassblower, Gaffer
I then found about the Glassmith word; it was very common in older times - especially medieval europe - due to the similarity of the work: furnaces, bending a red hot material to their will, etc. It got mostly lost in time but I fell in love with it because makes sense in the game’s context, is a promotion of the blacksmith and gives it an unique/exclusive feel in comparison to regular glassblowing in real life and other games, which adds to the fantasy-vibe: they’re no simple glassblowers, they’re glassmiths, they work dragon glass and all that :merry: so this is the story behind the name :slight_smile:

As for the rest of the words, I can’t thank you enough! :heart: I really appreciate it and it was so fun and exciting learning everything and turning it into the mod :merry: Stonehearth is indeed a lovely game with a very nice and helpful modding community (and devs) so I’m really having a great time and It makes me happy that my work is making others happy as well :3
1.1 will be a slightly larger update (remaking all stone windows to fit the game style, adding storage for salts, lots of fixes like sand not dropping on custom biomes, etc) so I’m taking a little while :flushed: so… sorry about that!
But I’ll try to make it worth the wait! :merry:


This needs an update to the recipes, to avoid conflict with the recipes in game. Things like stone windows used in the N.A. gets locked by the mod and are impossible to craft as it is replaced by the modded windows.


I just realized that I forgot to update the Direct Download and post the update here…

Bad, bad Dani! :forlorn:

Anyway, here is the update! And also uploading direct download right now! :slight_smile:

Glassworks updated to 1.1!

(July 30th, 2018) v1.1

  • Fixed the issue where the stone windows added by Team Radiant would be overriden by my own Stone Windows.
  • Removed the Stone windows from the Mason. Entities have not been removed to not break existing saves.
  • Changed all the glass stone windows, arch window and glass arch windows to the new stone furniture style created by Team Radiant.
  • Added a recipe to make sand from stone for the mason and one to make sand from clay for the potter. Both operate on a 2:1 ratio and should fix the issue of the mining loot tables not working for certain biomes.
  • Added support for specific biomes including the new official biome (Arctic) and some popular mods like Archipelago Biome, Savanna, Lorki’s, Canyon Biome, White Cliffs, etc.
  • Significantly increased the drop rate of sand on all biomes.
  • Slightly increased the drop rate of Obsidian on mining and significantly increased it for gold and silver
    ore nodes. Now you have a reason to go hunt them ores :merry:
  • Fixed some stuttering and crafting issues.
  • Fixed a couple of localization issues.

Examples of the new stone windows:

Thank you all very much for the support, as usual :merry: :heart:
And I hope you enjoy it!


Brilliant mod! If the recent update notes are true, do you really get obsidian from mining? Or you get it from specifically mining certain ores? I’ve currently found none unless there are certain veins I must mine to acquire the resource.


Yea, haven’t found obsidian either, even tho I have nearly 100 hours with this mod installed (even took down an entire mountin in the desert)


There seems indeed to be an issue with Obsidian.
Technically it should be working because it is added along other things added to the mining tables (like salts and sand) and these seem to be working fine, so I’d need to investigate why Obsidian isn’t.

I’ve been quite busy with ACE but I’ll take a look this weekend :slight_smile:


Thanks for considering the thought!


No worries
Sorry I’m taking so long :joy:

There seems to be two major issues left plaguing this mod:
1- Obsidian not dropping
2- Some people have issues with the Bench (the glassmith stops crafting/enters a weird loop)

I’ll see if I can finally kill those two this weekend!