General performance issues

I get 12 FPS, when I have 12 GB RAM
Card: Intel HD Graphics 4000

Is this due to alpha stage = poor optimization

The size of your RAM has absolutely nothing to do with any kind of performance. Unless you have less than one or two GB at the current stage.

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Intel HD Graphics 4000 is on the lower end of graphics power unless your computer is over 5 years old and alpha stage == poor optimization is TRUE

As @RepeatPan stated above, RAM doesn’t affect performance. It’s your Intel HD Graphics 4000 card. It’s definitely on the lower end of cards.

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So do I have no chance in having a somewhat decent framerate?

You can turn the settings down, but other than that I don’t think so.

(Of course, 12 FPS and 12 GB of RAM imply that you get one FPS for each GB… Might add another 48? I’m kidding. Don’t do that.)

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Will waiting for a more stable, optimized build be better?

thanks for the feedback… :smiley:

this has been reported/confirmed over on Curse…

likely yes… @not_owen_wilson has also recommended adjusting your graphics settings (user_settings.json), for example:

  • msaa_samples = 0

  • shadow_resolution = 1024

  • enable_vsync = false

To be bloody honest, I wouldn’t count on it. You can achieve great things with optimization, but not miracles. If you really want to be sure to experience no lags (neither now nor in the future), then a new system (or at least graphics card) is required.

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Ah I see, also what are the best settings for high FPS?

A good option would be to drop everything as low as it will go and see where you end up.

Like everyone has said optimisation will improve things going forward, but we have no idea by how much and it’s unlikely to be miraculous amounts.

As @SteveAdamo has linked there are a few issues with integrated graphics cards at the moment, so unfortunately I think it might be a case of having to wait and see what happens!

Try to lower your graphics settings as low as they will go and see if that helps anything :slight_smile:

Why would you have 12GB of RAM? Unless the PC came with that RAM, you bought it. If you can still send that back, you could probably use that money to buy a low end GPU that will actually make a difference.

Computer came with 12 GB

tons of memory, even if an uncommon amount… :wink:

The most recent build of Stonehearth features a graphics settings manager (in the upper-right corner of the title screen). Turning off anti-aliasing, and turning down/off shadows should help a lot. Reducing the resolution will help, too (making the window smaller, I mean). Reducing draw-distance will help, too.

While the Intel 4000 isn’t a very powerful card, 12FPS seems rather low.

I run at an average of 25FPS on a Radeon HD 7870 (2GB, OC’d to 1100 mhz) with AA turned off. The game seems to have some serious optimization issues. I was shocked to see this frame-rate considering that I can run BF4, Crisis 2/3 and Metro Last Light (All very hardware intensive from what I understand) on high to the highest settings with AA enabled at about 60FPS.

On my slower desktop running a Radeon HD 4200, I get an average of 10 FPS.

On my ancient dell desktop running an Intel family chip set, I get 1-3FPS if I am lucky. I never actually use this thing, I was just curious to see how it would do.

Radeon 7870 @ 25FPS? Something’s wrong. Do you know what AMD driver version you are running?

It’s definitely the latest. I had to install it when I got BF4. It’s the GIGABYTE version of the card. I am running that paired with the Intel i5 3470k, 8GB of 1600MHZ RAM, and a WD caviar black HDD. CPU usage spikes when the game is running to 99%, I can’t see the load on the GPU but the temps do not go above the usual 40C with a load, and the RAM usage stays at below 50%. I am sure this will probably fixed in a future update which is why I am not overly concerned about it.

EDIT: Wow I just noticed that you appear to be the head of the games graphical engine, so I guess you are the guy who needs to hear about this, haha.

EDIT2: I should also mention that the overlay shows a random and rare hop from 25FPS to 65FPS with V-Sync enabled. This hop lasts only a few seconds and then gradually drops back down to 25ish. I cannot intentionally recreate this.

EDIT3: Also, I am using the overlay from Fraps to do this (Latest version of Fraps, full purchased version of the software).

EDIT4: I have tried fixing this issue by rebooting, checking the PCI-e slot, closing all other applications, setting the process as a high priority, shrinking the window size, enabling and disabling AA (Moving AA to 2X actually showed a slight increase in FPS), and checking to make sure that the drivers were up to date. No results, I am sure you are probably just as dumbfounded as I am with this issue. I will ask around on toms hardware to see if there is a solution to a lack of performance with certain programs, but other than that I am clueless on what path to take.