Lag, performance - question

Hi everyone,
I have little question: does game getting laggy above 12 citiziens is normal? or it is problem specific for me?
My comp: Windows 7, Intel Core i7-6700K, RAM: 8GB, GeForce GTX 1060 STRIX

Welcome to the forum, @Kris_K :slightly_smiling_face:

Some questions:

  1. Have you been playing many hours straight?
  2. Do you have huge stockpiles and huge amount of items laying on the ground?
  3. Do you have large mining zones?
  4. Do you have many lamps placed down and the graphic settings are mid or high?
  5. Did you mess with water?
  6. Do you have many buildings and the vision mode that shows the walls at the back active?

These are some things that might cause lag (your computer should play the game just fine).
Does it happen only when you get above 12 hearthlings? Or always after a while of playing, or in just a specific savefile?

First thing that came to my mind… WINDOWS 7 … :smiley:

Could you upload your save game?

Hello, really nice game so I decided to join your forum. For answer to your question.

  1. Yes.
    2, No.
  2. No.
  3. Not really and I go for lowest graphic possible.
  4. No. Didn’t even know I can
  5. 5 buildings and yes.
    It happens in every game.
    But today I played a while (after 12 hearthlings) with lags and it goes normal again (I mean without lags).
    Well for now my problem is solved. It looks like i have to give it a while after 12 hearthlings. I guess.
    Sorry for bother and thank you for help.
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First off, it’s no bother – the forums are here to help everyone enjoy the game! I’m glad that you were able to find a solution though :merry:

There’s a good chance that your original case of lag was due to memory errors and other “junk” building up in the game’s memory cache. The dev team are working to improve that, and there’s already a junk cleaning system in the game, but there’s always room to make it better. It’s one of those things they’ll keep working on as the game grows and evolves.

5 buildings isn’t really a lot, AFAIK, to have in view mode at once; I’ve never had lag with that and my computer is nothing fancy. I usually play with a cap of 20-24 hearthlings, and the only thing that causes me to lag is when the “junk” builds up… it just means I need to take a break, and give my computer one too LOL!

I’d suggest you give that a try, and see if you get any more lag. If you do, please don’t hesitate to let us know – we all want to hear about problems people have with the game, so we can see that they get fixed!

Having the building vision like this is known to give lag when there are many buildings and you move the camera.
I usually leave it at if I need to keep an eye on the inside.

If reloading the savefile helped, it might have been some sort of memory leak :thinking:
Don’t hesitate to upload the savefile if it persists. Although sometimes there could be something else messing with the game and causing hitches (something like antivirus/firewalls and the like).

Glad you can keep playing without lag :smiley: