Lots of lagg (30-40 FPS at beginning of game)

Hi there,
I experience a lot of lagg at the start of the game, and I do not understand why. I have around 30-40 FPS every time. Maybe it is because the ACE Mod? But I am not sure about that. I already tried uninstalling the game and uninstalling + deleting all Stonehearth files, but they did not fix my lagg issues, but I want to play the game really bad because it is a lot of fun! First I had a very bad laptop and then I bought this PC with decent specs (below message). Of course on the laptop I could not play it very well around 10-30 FPS but then on this PC around 30-40 FPS. I just don’t understand why this is! If you could please answer me, I would appreciate it! :slight_smile:
My PC specs:
Windows 64-bit
Intel Core i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz
and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

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This game is very demanding on cpu performance and only on one core so i have a feeling that’s the issue. I would recommend the Mod Extra Map Options and play on a small map. You will almost never use more than the space of a small map anyway and it can do wonders :slight_smile:

Also since it’s a Laptop i’d recommend to always have the power cord in while playing because if i don’t remember this wrong most of them lower performance when not connected to the wall to save battery

Extra Map Options 🗺


could be a combination of not enough free ram, ram speed , cpu performance limits and other programs that use the cpu and ram

Thanks for your answer Banto!

But I had a very bad laptop and now I have a PC (with the specs I wrote) I do not know if I wrote it wrong that you thought I still had a laptop, but thanks for your answer! I will try the mod later! :slight_smile: )

I will look into that!

Thanks for your answer nightlancer! :slight_smile:

Oh lol sorry no idea why i read it like that :smiley:
Which resolution do you play in? 1080p 1440p

1080p :slight_smile: