Frame Drop/ Lag

I am not sure if anyone else is having this issue but ever since the last update, I am running into constant lag after about a couple in-game days. The lag will continue to get worse until the game is practically frozen. The only workaround I have found so far is just saving and reloading my game. The game then runs fine for a few more in-game days then the same issues will occur. This will happen whether I have 10 or 50 characters on the map. I have tried running on the lowest settings, uninstalled any mods and even reinstalled the game. I am running a 1070 ti and can run pretty much any game I own on high settings so I do not think it is my pc. Any help would be appreciated because I really enjoy this game but this is making it hard to play.

It’s not your graphics card.
The game though is a cpu hog. Multicore really won’t help. (beyond like 3 cores)
What I’m interested in: what’s going on in your map? Did you wall in? Anything else going on? The devs will want a save file :smiley:

So… I double checked and I did have a mod from the steam workshop that I was still subscribed to but not active. I got rid of that mod and it seems to be running much better now. Thank you for that quick response though, this is an awesome community!


Which mod was it?

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It was the Large Map mod


The one with a huge warning sticker on it warning you that it will slow you down, wreck your home and steal your children :’)? @BrunoSupremo seems the frightnIng sticker still wasn’t frightening enough, add more barbed wire and landmines :wink: /jk


I removed that warning. For some reason it got into the top mods. I didn’t care about it before and was almost deleting from my hd lol
Because of it reaching a high position, I made that last polish pass on it with new code and the ability to also make small maps, and now I feel it is useful even for me, cause I always loading small maps anyway (through other means)

Anyway, that should not be the cause of this problem, the only time the mod run is when creating a new map. After that, you could even delete the mod and the game would still work with the custom sized map.

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It was the topology issue where the AI gets bogged down with pathways I thought it might have been the mod, I have issues with mods in the past. I was just going through troubleshooting steps.

@CplWatkins, @Relyss just reached out to me as well about topology issues and reproducing it. Maybe get ahold of her as well and try to assist with it too.

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