Question about Performance Issues and Development in general

Hello everyone, first post here and really interested in the game.

Before buying it I was reading around and read lots of topics about the big issue in performance once you reach a certain amount of population/building (I see that the last topic around here is from 2016).

Now I’m a developer myself (even if not in the gaming industry) so I understand that it’s something that it becomes a priority only at a certain stage of the development. What I would like to understand is basically composed by two questions:

  • How is the current state for this issue? I read some topic but some where kind of old so maybe it’s less of a serious problem now?
  • If it’s still a problem, is there any ETA about addressing it? The team feel confident in knowing how to solve it? I read that the original team was fairly “junior” and the acquisition from RIOT allowed them to have a somewhat bigger team. I don’t know anyway if the team feel confident enough to be able to take on this and solve it.

All in all, how the development is going? I read around that since quite some time, new features has been slowed down in favour of a major refactory / development of the engine itself and I think it’s a good thing but I’d like to have some extra (and fresh) info about how the things seems to be looking right now.

Thanks to anyone that will answer!

They indeed grew and have been making stellar progress on the engine and systems side. For the lesser PC’s I recommend to use less lightsources or or even only 1 lightsource. This tends to lag bottlenecked PC’s very soon ( 25 ish hearthlings )

The current issues are not that much different than before, were waiting for the same systems to be done and this will take a while.
The forum is also filled with updates from the devteam and so is Steam, so you really could’ve used the searchbutton in this case.

Building is still quirky, mods are still quirky and vanilla is still bald, everything else is perfectly fine. For mods there’s more support every day from the community so that should be less of a problem opposite to 2016. Vanilla is being polished as we speak, many systems have or are being overhauled for polishing ( lightning has been discussed only weeks ago and so was building )

If you have any specific questions I will try to answer those as well.

Note : I run on a GTX 650 and 2nd gen i5 which is far from glorious and I can smoothly run 35 hearthlings with the right settings not compromising any actual graphics.

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Not perfect, but each new alpha the game gets noticeable better. I remember last year I could barely get 20 hearthlings with a very small town before needing to restart every 30 minutes. Today I’m sitting at 31 hearthlings with a very big town, heavily decorated, full of items everywhere. It is laggy, but I have a crappy i3 notebook.

No ETA, but they are always working on it in parallel to other features from what I can notice. Confident I’m not sure, but very optimistic at least.


Thanks for your reply Bruno, I’ll wait others before giving in and buyin it but it’s a fight against myself. The project looks definitely worth investing in and giving the developer trust until now :slight_smile:

Missed Maddy reply! Thank you to you too.

I did searched around but wanted some response from whoo have the hands on the game and is following it to date.
Appreciated your insight!