Optimisation and Lag Prevention

I got the came a few days ago and I already love it. It’s looking to be my top played game. Anyway I’ve got a few things I’d like to bring up.

  • Building Lag
    I understand the difficulties of creating a game and respect that as well as it being in alpha, but as I reach around 13000 Net Worth my game starts to lag due to the amount of buildings I’ve got. It makes my game almost unplayable at this point. Even before 13k NW. Given I have a bad laptop but this might be a turn off for some newer players.

  • Path Finding Issues
    I have an entire wall around my town with one entrance in and out. Quite often hearthlings and enemies alike get stuck. They try running through the wall. My wall does have detailing on the exterior and interior, so this may be an issue. I attempt to command my guards to attack these enemies but they struggle to exit the walls.

  • Speed Lag

I posted it by accident… sigh

What I was gonna say:

  • Speed Lag
    When I ncrease the simulation speed, the higher the speed the more intensive it is on my laptop. This is most likely because everything has to be processed quicker, but I understand.

Thanks for your time, Ty

Welcome to the forums!

Thees issues have been brought upmore than a few tines in the past, and it has been a issue for everyone, just to different extents

Lagg is cause a little by buildings since they complicate terrain, but the recent pathing changes helped us remove the majority of it, not that it’s not still a thing, but trust me it was about 10times more intense mentally, thees days it’s causes mostly by having so many Hearthlings, all of them looking for paths slow the whole procces down, and makes the pathes they do take often a little dumb

Pathing is one of the most espensive tasks for the computer and i assume you understand that and since i touched on in above i won’t go any more deeper in this

Gaming speed does really make the computer suffer,
Most players stick to X2 after x3 starts go get a little sluggish, the cause is ususally having a lot of Hearthlings, whcih,… y’know pathing

Good news is that the team is constantly looking into performance improvements! At about A-12 people that could handle 20+ Hearthlings were the ones with awesome computers, now 20 Hearthlings is basically the norm or lower end of the limit a lower-end PC can handle