My people always running slow

I have speed on #2 and my people still move slow, like the game was lagging or something but when I moved the camera around it wasn’t laggy? Is there something wrong with the game or is it my computer?


We need some more information, such as computer specs and also what the people are doing, a snap shot would be great. It may be a problem of moral

It’s okay now, thank you though! :slight_smile:

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Maybe not related to your problem. But you can increase speed by building roads on routes that your Hearthlings frequently walk

maybe they are sad about something? Building roads always helps too. It happens to me when they are more than 20 or 22 approx

I also have this problem when i am playing the game for about a hour, i am now at 26 heartlings and it will run smooth but after a hour it will get laggy, the game takes alot of ram memory so a restart of the game will work for me ( dont forget to save lol).