Hearthlings stop walking whenever game speed is set to fast (3) or very fast (4)

Like the subject says, when I set my speed to fast or very fast, my hearthlings stop wherever they are and don’t do anything. When I set the speed back to normal, they continue doing whatever they were supposed to be doing. I suspect a problem with pathfinding, but I’m not sure. No current error messages, or I would post. Could this be from having too many workers?

Speed 4 is experimental and not recommended. I never use it. Speed 3, fast seems to cause me problems as well. I only use it occasionally. Look down at your performance bar (right hand bottom) and click on it. It’ll show you what is eating up your CPU. If it’s mostly green, it’s good. There are many other colors which are explained with the readout. You may have to pause the game to let the computer catch up. Still there are definitely issues with memory usage, so it’s not just you.

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