Game Performance

so the game runs pretty badly for me only being able to hit a consistant frame rate at 50 frames when everything is on low with no lights and 12 hearthlings so after seeing the eyes/animation desktop tuesday i’m starting to worry i wont be able to run it

kinda wondering if they’re gonna do anything to help the game run faster and such? or if the eyes will affect my speed in game

tbh my computer is pretty great except the graphics card which is completely awful and prevents me from running things/running things well

What i have noticed is that Stonehearth is running pretty heavy on one of my threads usually thread 8.
Would be nice to see workload a bit more balanced between threads

I belive it was Chris that mentioned this before, but the bulk of performance cost is the AI which is extreamly, extreamly difficult to multithread because it’s hard to syncronize everything consistently. With that in mind, he said that they might try it as a last resort if they can’t get the game optimized enough. :frowning:

However, the development roadmap shows one task that says “multithread pathfinding” so there is a little bit of hope :merry:


Yeah i can imagen it’s not an easy thing to do for sure :slight_smile: i hope they will find a solution in the future