Solution for bad fps on good pc?

Hello, so this is my problem, I don’t know if it’s normal, if it comes from the game or from my pc but, in my game where I currently have 23 small worker
, and where I don’t have too much construction , I only shoot around 50-60 fps, and I find it really strange, because with a config like that I told myself that it would run perfectly, but no … part of my config:
RTX 2080TI 32GB RAM DDR4 I9-9900K

I’m on windows 10, and the game is in 64 bits. i have put the graphics option on Ultra.

So if you have an idea or a solution, thank you in advance.

its mostly core speed, but you should be fine on that end (i see you have a K version core, did you overclock it yet? since base core speed for one core is what this game is all about)
that said, SOMETHING in this game also keeps FPS down, even on beastly machines with nearly no hearthlings. idk what.