Below 5 FPS i7 6700k R9 390X 8GB 16GB 3200MHZ RAM

OK so I don’t run the newest PC build but feel it should be ample for this type of game it doesn’t look photo realistic or anything it kind of reminds me of mine craft and that game is pretty low spec.

i7 6700k
16GB Trident Z 3200 MHZ RAM
MSI R9 390x 8GB gaming GPU

I have 36 Hearthlings and 3 small buildings with a castle and walls around the town. I am getting under 5fps on average on minimum settings. I just sent one of my guys to become a Geomancer and I don’t think I can handle watching this play out to get them back to start a new colony with my new Geomancer.

If I want to run a smooth 60+ FPS on ultra settings with 80 hearthlings and no build/item limit for the map what hardware do I need? 9900K SLI Titan RTX 128MB 4500MHZ RAM?

Is this game just not optimized and is just hemorrhaging PC power all over the place? If so are the Dev’s making this a priority? or is this game just meant to be played with like 10/20 hearthlings on low spec in a small area with 1-3 small buildings with a PC like mine and never anything bigger?

Any insight into this would be great, I really love games like this but I’m the type of player to fill an entire map with buildings and resident’s, I would look for a mod to have 10,000+ Hearthlings but I think my computer would freeze trying to just have 40 hearthlings and 5 buildings.

Well something is off because the games biggest bottleneck is the processor and you have one thst can run at more speed than mine (2500k) and I can run up to like 50 ish lings before it turns choppy and terrible… And then it’s not the fps that’s the problem but AI spazzing out.

What mods are you using? Does performance improve if you save and reload the game? If you completely restart Stonehearth?

What devs? There’s a remote possibility that the game will be patched/updated sometime in the future, but official development is over.

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I am only running ACE as a mod. Saving and reloading does not do anything to help. Thanks for taking the time to respond to me I feel as though I have all the answers I need about where this game is at.
I do want to say I like this game its concept /art / music etc but its not worth the time investment to have everything break and have to come back to forums to complain about it over and over. I had fun for a couple of hours and was irritated for a couple hours, I don’t need a response on how I can fix the problem as I have zero interest in coming back to any forum to read some opinions on how to trouble shoot me having a good time with my free time instead of just using my free time for enjoyable activities etc.