Excessive Lag and CPU utilization

pretty much any time I get over 12-15 plebs i get lag so choppy that its unplayable.

I am using build 11 r453 64bit

attached is my perf mon view with nothing else open, and my plebs doing nothing in game… I think they were eating… or wanting to eat… but not doing anything productive.

I am running on the lowest graphics settings possible. system info is:

Intel I7 3820 @ 3.6 Ghz
16gb ram
directx 11
windows 7 ultimate

Video: Nvidia GTX 660 Ti (4gb memory)

I am currently running nothing else except firefox, tried it with it closed as well. deleted all the temp files. and nothing seems to help. most of the problems I have seen on the forums have been with lower end AMD procs, and on previous builds.

it is just not optimized enough to play larger games? or is there something I can do to increase performance.


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  1. your system looks fine. only a quarter of your CPU and 6 of your 16 GB of RAM are being used.

  2. the game is in alpha. it is not optimized, and will not be optimized until the beta stage. they are more focused on actually putting the game together right now.

that said, they are constantly updating the LUA and such to make it more optimized than it is right now, but they can’t make it perfect, as anything that gets added breaks everything else, and there’s still a lot to add.

hmm odd the game runs fine for me for the most part. Hopefully they optimize it more soon!

Hey Gedwey can you give as your computer specs?

Okay, It is nothing special.

Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor

Asus Z97-A ATX LGA1150 Motherboard

OCZ ARC 100 120GB 2.5" Solid State Drive

Toshiba 3TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive

CORSAIR Vengeance 32GB (4 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1866 (PC3 14900) Memory

EVGA GeForce GTX 960 4GB Superclocked Video Card

and if I recall right I have Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro maybe not pro …

Nothing special?!?!! :smiley:

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[quote=“zigworf, post:6, topic:16252, full:true”]
Nothing special?!?!!
[/quote] Well it’s not “that special” It could most assuredly be much more Special … spent a lot of money to build it though so it is special to me but I am not sure about how good compared to other peoples PCs that play Stonehearth :smile:

well considering your GPU, your 32 GB of RAM, and your 3TB of harddrive space, I’d say you definitely went overboard there lol.

a GTX 650 is all you need to be able to play any and every game on max settings without issues. an i5 is generally good for systems (which you are using, although I honestly expected i7 with the other specs), and I’m using an i3 with 2.7 GHz. your RAM is just really excessive. unless you’re running 50 games at once, or watching tons and tons of porn, I see no reason to stock up on 32 GB of RAM. 8GB is recommended, and 16 is already seen as a bit much, considered more than most will need, but generally good for heavy gamers. and I’m a heavy gamer, yet I’m still using the default 4GB. no issues with stonehearth outside of the issues stonehearth has by being in its alpha state. 3TB harddrive is also excessive, but hey, I’m not gonna judge you for all that pronz lol. I’ve got a 1TB, but I can generally manage with the 200 GB of space I have left on the system, deleting the things I don’t need/use anymore to free up space, or storing things online that I don’t need on my system, such as old steam games I haven’t played lately and the like.

please tell me you’re not using a craptop for that system though. I don’t know why you decided to use win8, but I’m really hoping you didn’t put all of that on something that is prone to breaking, can’t be upgraded, and is meant to be replaced in the next few years.

but yea, the game is in alpha, it’s not going to be optimized any time soon. any time anything gets added to a system, 30 other things break. in alpha, where everything is still being put together, to optimize it every single time something is added would be a waste of time, money, and energy, especially considering iirc they’re already pushing their schedule. optimization will not occur until the beta phase, which is still quite a ways away. that’s what the beta phase is for.


[quote=“Ridesdragons, post:8, topic:16252”]
your GPU
[/quote] Yes runs most games on max settings got to love it.

[quote=“Ridesdragons, post:8, topic:16252”]
your 32 GB of RAM
[/quote] This is actually a must have for me you see I do animation and the software I use etc eats RAM like crazy.

[quote=“Ridesdragons, post:8, topic:16252”]
your 3TB of harddrive
[/quote] Same thing need room to keep all my animation files as well as models, Pictures etc

[quote=“Ridesdragons, post:8, topic:16252”]
I honestly expected i7 with the other specs
[/quote] I was going to get an i7 but all the good i7s seem to be $1,000 + USD and I love how fast my CPU runs at very nice for rendering.

[quote=“Ridesdragons, post:8, topic:16252”]
I don’t know why you decided to use win8
[/quote] I used windows 8 due to it letting me have 32 GB or RAM and I wanted to try something new and I actually like windows 8 not as much as 7 but still very good.

[quote=“Ridesdragons, post:8, topic:16252”]
but I’m really hoping you didn’t put all of that on something that is prone to breaking, can’t be upgraded, and is meant to be replaced in the next few years.
[/quote] I can upgraded it etc all fine :smile:

[quote=“Ridesdragons, post:8, topic:16252”]
or watching tons and tons of porn
[/quote] Not into that sort of thing lol :confounded:

Over all I built this PC so I could do some not bad animation :smiley:

ah, animation, now that makes more sense. alright, yea, for an animation computer, those specs make much more sense. I myself intend to go into game development, and am mainly focusing in programming, though I’m also touching on art/animation and music/sequencing as well, and ironically (considering even though I have great art skills, I have no creativity, and so even though I can sing and have extensive knowledge in music theory and can sketch practically perfect copies of stuff, I have severe difficulty coming up with my own designs, I have no style, and don’t ever ask me to compose music lol), I’m actually really good with writing stories, and so technically I’ve got quite a few bases covered when it comes to making games. but of course it’s not gonna be that easy. programming alone is really hard and eats up so much time, and no matter how much attention you give it, there will be errors and bugs.

the porn was a joke lol. I understand that notion myself, but considering how much the internet has trivialized porn, I’ve taken to laughing about it to. after all… The Internet Is For Porn - HQ - Avenue Q - Original Broadway Cast

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Oh yes I know it was a joke.

[quote=“Ridesdragons, post:10, topic:16252”]
I myself intend to go into game development,
[/quote] I have been thinking of doing that but I am not good at programming!

I understand things are alpha and stuff like this should be expected, but I more wanted to see if others are seeing the same thing or if there was some way to fix it, for example, deleting temp files. or if no one else was experiencing it, then a bug should be submitted…

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thing is, high CPU or RAM usage isn’t really a bug when in the alpha stage, except when it’s so high that it frequently causes crashes upon starting the game. if that were happening, it’d be a bug to report. but as it is, your system isn’t even remotely clogged up and you’re suffering from stuttering. that’s just because of stonehearth itself, and it’s caused by not being optimized. the only way to fix that is by optimizing it.

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So it looks like you dont have any problems because of amount of RAM… well i hope it will be optimized :slight_smile: so i could play with my poor 4 gb…