[Fan Fiction] + [Fan Map] The Kingdom of Lesfaia


You may or may not remember the fan-fictions that I have posted some time ago. This below is the map of the kingdom where those stories took place.
They can be found here or here. (They are two separate stories, at the time of posting this there are only two, but more is coming soon)

You may click to enlarge it, but it is a huge image, so I advise to open it in a new tab for better navigation.

Below the image you can find the stories and descriptions of the places found on the map.

Two-thousand years ago, a war raged across a kingdom whose name was long forgotten. Many feared that they, who once lived in harmony would perish.

A brave hearted leader, named Victor Laglass took seventeen ships and seven-hundred of his people, seeking survival across the seas to the North.

They sailed for six months across raging storms and treacherous mists until they found land beyond the horizon.

Laglass and his people set foot upon the shore, and after exploring the land, they found a city in ruins. Shortly they found that there were people who dwelled among the ruins of a city known as Addar.

The explorers chose to settle among the ruins, and with the help of the people native to the lands they rebuilt the city and named it the capital of the newfound territory.

The natives refused to learn the newcomers’ language, so Laglass and his people learned the language of the natives.

They taught the natives of sciences and ways of curing illnesses, and in return, they taught them the arts of magic. Not aware of the troubles it would cause later, Laglass’ people happily accepted their teachings.

Soon they explored more lands around Addar, and found they landed on a peninsula. They found more ruins and more people, more friends, but also some enemies.

Desert folks of Cactis greeted them with friendship, but the ogres of the Ogre Hills and the goblins of the Goblin Tribelands turned out to be hostile. Just like back home, an endless war against ogres and goblins and other forest creatures has begun.

As they explored further, more secrets and mysteries unveiled before them, luring them further into the unknown lands, but at places where the map ended, they unwillingly awakened some evil more powerful and wicked than the goblins and ogres. However, to the fortune of Laglass’ people, the Evil laid his eyes upon lands elsewhere, to distant lands far beyond the edge of the map.

But the Evil’s presence beyond their borders left them concerned. Laglass sent back people to the Old Kingdom to bear news of the land they had found, and to seek for their advices of the matter.

The people who sailed back South had never returned.

After two-thousand years had passed, the people had forgotten of the Old Kingdom and of the Evil beyond the edge of the map. They lived happily in peace, save for the conflicts with goblin and ogre tribes.

The Kingdom of Lesfaia was declared, independent of the outside world, and a King named Laglass was seated upon a throne. The day he was given a crown marks the first day of the Kingdom, and the beginning of a new era. The beginning of new times, and so the passing years were to be counted from that day on.


When Laglass and his people arrived to Lesfaia, they first found the ruined Addar and her people who wore ragged clothes, broken by illnesses and fevers, afraid of the outside lands and enemies beyond the broken walls.

With the help of Laglass’ people the city was rebuilt to surpass her former glory, and now serves as the capital city of Lesfaia.


The second largest city of the Kingdom, famous for its many taverns and the marketplaces. It gives home to the greatest harbor of the Kingdom where traders from beyond the edge of the map come to sell their exotic wares and their souls.


A small town famous for nothing else, but the thirteen taverns it gives home to. Normally, that many taverns would not exist in a tiny town like that, but north of the town lies the fourth largest military encampment of the Kingdom where no less than a thousand soldiers are stationed.

Aside of that, Kalgrove lies on the crossing of the two busiest roads in the kingdom, and travelers and merchants are famous for being thirsty and in need of a bed or two for a night, so the owners of the taverns are always given enough job throughout the year.


A tiny encampment in the middle of the Searing Desert. Nobody in Addar has the slightest clue of what the people are doing there exactly, but they often travel to the other settlements, carrying exotic goods among other strange things.

The encampent itself was built upon the ruins of an ancient city that wasn’t suited to withstand a desert, suggesting that the land was once no different from the rest of Lesfaia. Even the winter seems to avoid the Searing Desert.

In the very middle of the desert stands an ancient temple, built upon a hill above an oasis. Few people dared to travel so deep into the desert, but the few who reached the temple told that they were sent away by people wearing white robes.


Used to be a fortress near the western border of the Kingdom, now a forbidden place, feared by the people, but long forgotten why.

While it was still a lively place, it was ruled by the Dawnwatch family (hence the name of the fortress). It gave home to half-a-thousand warriors, among them many were knights and members of other great families from across the Kingdom, sent there to protect the Kingdom from the Evil that might come, but never came.


The furthest city from the heart of the Kingdom, and closest to the nest of Evil. For this reason, Katten, a rich harbor city gives home to the mightiest of military settlements across the Kingdom, to defend the borders in case of an attack from the West.


A medium-sized harbor city on the shore of the Sapphire Sea. It has some pretty buildings among other things, but not famous for anything else. Really.

There’s also an ancient and vast dungeon right under the city, but it’s not that interesting. Dark and scary. Nobody goes there!


A city built by a lake. A very big lake.

It is also where the seat of the second greatest family is. The Inverse family is so numerous that there’s absolutely no city, town or village where you won’t stumble into a person with the surname of Inverse.

Once they almost joined the royal family when Prince Leonard Laglass in the year 40 was to marry a member of the family, but the plans were changed a few weeks before the wedding. As a result, the Inverse family refused every marriage offer from the Laglasses following that incident.

Sadly for the girl, things didn’t go too well, as she was last seen in Dawnwatch along with her knight father.


Built entirely from scratch, it was part of a mighty plan to build a stronghold north of the Goblin Tribelands, so that the army could travel there by ships and to attack the goblins from two sides.

The climate in Northstand was a tad bit colder than in the South, but the warriors are sturdy, and the walls are tall.


It was discovered in year 203 after the foundation of the Kingdom that there’s an entire city built upon the northern shores of the Frozen Sea (which isn’t actually frozen).

The people who lived here spoke the language of the natives, and they claimed to be “defenders of the North”, but as for who they were defending the North from, they couldn’t tell for sure.

Perhaps from the frozen soul of Batkala, a powerful entity said to be under the mountains inside the Temple of Batkala. The people who dared climb the ice path leading up there and enter the temple never returned.

I hope you enjoyed this map and its story. If you spot a mistake, feel free to call me out on it and toss your stones and grab your pitchforks and torches :smile:

Anyway, I hope the map is pretty enough. It isn’t the best map in the world, nor does it try to be, but I think it should to the job.

The descriptions up there may be updated in the future with little details as I progress further with my fan fics, but I will try my best to inform y’all about changes.

And if you dare speak ill of the pretty little compass I drew, I might be anrgy :rage: I’ve spent roughly 15 minutes trying to make it pretty.


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I don’t have time to read through all the lore but I will as soon as time permits.

Making this post to give this thread more visiblity, and a bit of an update on how things are going on.

Just wanted to remind everyone that the second part of Invisible Princess is coming soon.

I must admit, I had a whole free week, but I blasted 44 hours into playing Stonehearth instead of writing, so only a couple pages had been added. :blush:

The following months are going to be less busy for me, so I’ll have more time for writing (though, I’ll probably end up playing SH more often than writing). I’m planning on spending some extra time on my little project in which my hopes and dreams are lying, but I’m sure nobody cares about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the next fan-fic after Invisible Princess part 2, I have some ideas, but nothing specific yet, but I am hoping to reveal more secrets of the kingdom that is seen up there in the first post.

I’d also like to give a huge “thank you” to everyone who had been providing valuable feedback. It all helps me improve my writing, so my little pet project mentioned above can become a less mediocre story.

EDIT: I fixed a mistake in the map. The forests in the northern continent were accidentally placed under the cliffs and mountains.

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