"A Leader of Goblins"

"A Leader of Goblins: Oozekin’s Story"
Prolouge: They come from the Walled Lands

(Hello, Stonehearth fans, the name is Tetsuke. An the fancy title above this bunch of text is a fanfic/think-tank hybrid for the Goblin race in our collectively fav game.The story is set in the world of Stonehearth, obviously, but it will be exploring ideas along the way. Examples being: Magic, Starting Biomes, Jobs and buildings. As well as race specific topics like culture, and reasons for why they act the way they do. (i.e. Raiding/exploting hearthlings, and their near nomadic ways of building and waging war) I also plan to put a bit of a spin on magic for the other races, and plan to have the Bunnies later on in the story. I’ll be taking suggestions for the story as a whole, since my ideas are not complete yet. Another thing, the story will be on FanFiction.net)

Have any ideas, or opinions of my reasons for doing this? Leave 'em down in the thread.

As of this moment, I’m working on the prologue. No spoilers though. Until my next post to show it’s up. Later! :smiley: