Stonehearth Community (un)official book!

Hi guys, Thunder here.

Today I have for you something really special: A community driven Stonehearth (un)official book! This book will written by me, but YOU will decide what I write. You can head on over here to post your ideas, suggestions, what you think will happen next, new characters that should be added, etc.
I hope to make this a humorous tale, with lots of clichés and subtle jokes and slapstick comedy and all those things that make books fun to read. But I want to also add in some “sad” and “serious” scenes and with plenty of epic battle scenes thrown in for good measure.
I’m thinking that I post another “chapter” of the book every 3-5 days, depending on the amount of suggestions that I get after the previous chapter. I also thought it would be cool if during a kind of slow part to the story we invite a guest author to write the next chapter which would just be a short mini adventure.

So, what will this story be about you might ask? I was thinking that it be a classic cliché romance, where a poor farm boy who has always dreamed of adventure runs away and meets up with the Princess who ran away from her castle for some reason. Together, they discover some sort-of top secret plot of a goblin clan to take over the kingdom with the help of an unknown double-agent. But I really want this to be fun to read, so maybe the farm boy is missing an arm, and maybe the Princess is actually a man in disguise and was cursed to forever look like a girl or something.

The first thing needs to be done is names! Names of the farm boy (like Wesley maybe) and of the Princess, of the kingdom, of the town that the Boy lives in, the Kings name, the Farm boys mom’s favorite wart, anything else that you can think of that is important for the beginning of a story.

I hope that this really develops into something awesome!

Try to keep posts in this topic to a minimum please so others can come here just to read.

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