Stonehearth: Choose your own adventure!

Hello all! This thread is going to be more of an experiment over anything else…

This will be a RPG story along the lines of the old CYOA books but the choices made will be submitted and voted on by the community rather than predetermined page turns. I hope I’m in the right area of the forums for this.

I’d like to keep the rules short and simple:

No excessively vulgar commands
No completely random/pointless things like “Make the hero pull his pants down” or something.
Try to be as specific as you need to be, for example don’t say “Go over there” instead of “Go towards the blacksmith”.
Earlier/unimportant choices will probably be first come first serve, while more important decisions will probably be voted on.
With that in mind, let’s begin!

Book 1, Chapter 1 "The New Journey"
You are a simple hearthling living in the small town of South Riverton, population 100. While the neighbors are friendly and the town ever expanding, you grow bored of the small town live and began saving up gold for passage to the big city. The day you had decided to ride the carriage to the next city over, however, was the one that changed your life forever. The entire city had gathered in the town square, women were panicking and the men had serious expressions strewn about their faces. You couldn’t help but to ask around to see what the commotion was all about. After gathering a tidbit of information from one person or another, you find out that a large tower had appeared several miles away from the town. Yes, appeared as in ‘from thin air’. Surely someone of great power must reside in that tower, some said, or perhaps it is an invasion from another realm, claimed others. You decide this would be your ticket to an adventure, not just to a big city, but perhaps to places never before seen! You gather what few possessions you have and stand in the town square, and consider you may want to buy some supplies before leaving…

Current possessions: Knapsack, 1000 golden coins
Current equipment: Simple clothes (Cloth), Simple knife
Your hitpoints are 10/10 and your condition is: Healthy

Nearby are several shops and other buildings of interest:
You see: A tavern, a Weapons/Armor shop, A bakery, A general goods shop and a Fletcher’s Workshop

What do you do?


Ooohhh… this looks really cool! :smiley:

Alright, I decided to head over to the bakery first, because no matter how much armor or skill I have, I won’t last long without any food.

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You proceed to purchase enough food that will feed you for a few weeks. The cost was one hundred golden coins. You leave the bakery and look around town, deciding what to do next.

You see: A tavern, a Weapons/Armor shop, A bakery, A general goods shop, a fletcher’s workshop and the road out of town.

What do you do?

Current possessions: Knapsack, 900 golden coins, Rations (2 weeks worth)
Current equipment: Simple clothes (Cloth), Simple knife
Your hitpoints are 10/10 and your condition is: Healthy

Barely a village in real life, and yet that would be huge in Stonehearth ATM. Game logic.

I go to the weapons/armor shop to get some find some armor that will hopefully fit on me rather than floating behind.


In addition to that, let’s also get a weapon that is a little more threatening than a knife. Just a strong sword, so we have more reach and power.


You head into the shop to find several intimidating weapons on display, an oversize bronze butcher knife, a flimsy wooden sword… (Maybe NOT so intimidating…)

The armor on display was also impressive, there was a shield that magically floated a few feet below your arm, plate mail…

After shopping around for almost thirty minutes, you decide on a set of sturdy leather armor and an iron sword. The cost came to 400 coins. You leave the shop, and see a group of adventurers heading into the tavern. You plan your next course of action…

Current possessions: Knapsack, 500 golden coins, Rations (2 weeks worth)
Current equipment: Leather Armor (Leather), Iron Sword (Main Hand)
Your hitpoints are 10/10 and your condition is: Healthy

I ask the adventurers if they know more about the giant tower.
After that I realize I don’t even know how to fight! I need a way to train.

You approach the inn and enter it. There’s not many people around, save for a table in the far corner, where the adventurers you saw before were seated. They had laid out a map on the table and who you assumed was their leader- a fellow dressed in a dark purple robe- was discussing a plan of action. They all hush and glance around at each other upon your approach. You quickly explain your situation and ask them if they know anything about the tower. The robed man speaks up: “We know as much about the tower that you do. We plan to investigate the place immediately.” You get excited and ask if you can accompany them on their journey. A large man with very burly hands and wearing a full suit of plate mail eyes you up and down. “You look like you can barely hold that sword you got, let alone use it.”

The adventurers seem adamant on not letting an inexperienced person such as yourself along with them. Perhaps they could be persuaded?

Offer to pay them for training lessons in swordplay, and for letting me join them in the quest to investigate the tower. Before I do that though, I make sure to complement that guy’s plate armor. That must have costed him at least 2000 golden coins. :smile:

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The warrior scoffs, “This armor’s worth more than this whole town, kid, and don’t you forget it.” He leans back in his chair, clearly uninterested in anything else you may have to say. The group discusses quietly among themselves for a moment. “We will allow you to accompany us for your remaining five hundred coins, but we will not be responsible for anything that might happen to you, and there will be no direct training from us, we’re sure you’ll get plenty of time to learn it on the way there.” The robe man said, folding his arms across his chest. Clearly these three aren’t the most welcoming to newcomers, but they’ll be invaluable on the journey ahead, or will they? You decide.


This is a question for everyone else, not to be asked in the game.
Is there anything that anyone else wants to get with money? I don’t want to just waste it all if we can use it for other things.

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i wasnt necessarily spend it right now, always good to have a little extra cash on hand :wink:

The Author thinks you’ll probably run into them again sooner or later, but that’s just the Author’s opinion. It is, after all, YOUR adventure.


I decide to thank the adventurers, but that money is precious and I might need it later.
I’m thinking of going back to the blacksmith to see if he’s wants to teach swordfighting (if he can)


The blacksmith instructs you upon basic uses of the sword, the most important lesson being the pointy end stays away from you and towards what you are fighting.

You are now an Apprentice Swordsman. You gain 5 hitpoints from the training, increasing your maximum HP to 15.

The blacksmith says that the lesson will be free as long as you do him a favor, you take a letter from him to his daughter that lives in the next village over. The village happens to be connected to the main road along the way towards where the tower currently is, however it is somewhat off the beaten path. Do you accept, or would you rather pay his fee of 150 coins for the training? Or something else, perhaps?

Current possessions: Knapsack, 500 golden coins, Rations (2 weeks worth)
Current equipment: Leather Armor (Leather), Iron Sword (Main Hand)
Your hitpoints are 15/15 and your condition is: Healthy


I have a feeling it may not be worth it in the long run, but I’m all for saving money…

so I’ll carry the letter.

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You take the letter and store it safely inside your knapsack, you thank the blacksmith and head outside. You only have 500 coins left and have spent a fair part of the morning in town, are there any more preparations you need to make or is it time to get in gear and start the adventure?

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I think I should buy something along the lines of a flint and thunder, torches even maybe (or old oil lamp), might not make it before dark. After I have that I would like to go to the nearest village to deliver the letter! Since I’ve spent all morning here… I think I should hurry.

You head to the general goods shop and purchase a flint and tinder, a full oil lamp, and an extra can of oil with which to fully refuel the lamp. It cost you 250 coins in total, leaving you with 250 as you depart. As you’re leaving the town you pass a few villagers complaining about how if they have to eat berries again they’ll lose their mind. You ignore them and keep walking, fully prepared and ready for adventure, your journey begins…


CHAPTER 2: At the Foot of the Mountain

You make your way north of South Riverton, towards the town of Black Valley, the town where the blacksmith’s daughter resides. Just a few miles in the distance, overlooking the town, you see the imposing tower that is your ultimate destination. Above the tower the sky seems to be in permanent overcast- dark, lumbering clouds encircle the entire area above the tower. You hear a rumble of thunder and a bolt of lightning flashes across the sky in a blaze of light. You come to a fork in the road, straight ahead would lead you closer to the tower, while to your left is the path towards Black Valley, where you have an obligation to fulfill. The sun is beginning to move westward, bringing an end to the daytime. What do you do?

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To the left! Towers are scary!